Three beautiful and underrated cities

What is the best city in the world? The answers people give to this question are rarely a surprise. New York City! London! Paris! Tokyo! It hardly seems fair. There are other cities out there. Some are so wildly interesting that it is strange they don’t get a mention more often- like these three cities:

Christmas Market in Old Town / Julmarknad i Gamla Stan

Christmas Market in Old Town / Julmarknad i Gamla Stan

Image via Flickr

Stockholm, Sweden

The capital of the amazing Sweden! A lot of people only think about Stockholm syndrome when they think about Stockholm. That’s unfortunate because Stockholm is one of the greatest and strangest cities in the world. I wanted to steer clear of capital cities here, but Stockholm is so worth visiting.

It’s a colourful city filled with narrow cobblestone streets. Tourists are encouraged to get into the medieval centre. Much architecture from the eleventh century remains strong there. And if you thought New York City was the world’s most coffee-crazed city, you’re wrong. Café culture in Stockholm is roaring. The activity of drinking coffee and having something sweet on the side even has its own name. Fika translates as ‘indulge in coffee and chat at leisure’.

Oddly for a city, Stockholm is actually made up of fourteen islands. Exploring it requires lots of island hopping via short ship rides.

4479938749_7772c17b62_zImage via Flickr

Melbourne, Australia

A lot of people are too intimidated by Australia to visit. When they think of Australia, they think of a place of overbearing heat and large spiders. But one of its biggest cities, Melbourne, is one of the most inviting places on Earth. It’s a cultural hotspot, and extremely proud of it. It’s so rock and roll that they literally renamed a lane way from Corporation Lane to ACDC Lane. The Melbourne City Council voted to rename the street in 2004, in honour of rock band AC/DC.

The city is so proud of its artistic citizens that the Council have embraced street art. Grafitti and stencil art is plastered all across its lane ways. Many works of the British street artist Banksy, who loves the place, can be found there. The hairdressing establishments are often also tobacconists or bars. Which, yes, means you can get a beer with most of your Melbourne haircuts.

I can feel the artistic rock-n-rollers among you itching to visit. Maybe you’re even thinking of checking out Brunswick apartments for sale

16790552697_9d3fbab0d8_zImage via Flickr

Kyoto, Japan

Everyone talks about Tokyo when they discuss Japan. It’s the city everyone wants to visit. But spare a thought for Kyoto, Tokyo’s quieter and more rewarding sibling.

Tokyo is actually very similar to places like London and New York City. Many tourists, once the culture shock has worn thin, find themselves in a very familiar place indeed. A few friends of mine went to stay in Kyoto last year the cheaper accommodation.  They intended to travel to Tokyo and spend most of their time there. But they stayed in Kyoto the entire trip.

Kyoto is truly the cultural and historical heart of the country. Where Tokyo is  It’s the best place in all Japan to experience traditional temples, shrines and gardens. There’s a beautiful mix of modern urban districts. For those who really want to experience the culture of Japan, try Kyoto over Tokyo.

Wherever you go, make sure your travels are happy ones. Check out our guide.

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  1. I would love to go to any of these.. they sound amazing 🙂

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