Top tips for a cross country road trip

Statistics show that more Americans than ever before are taking to the road. Whether it’s for short family visits or month long vacations, driving often has more appeal than flying. With so many exciting places to discover and attractions to see, it’s not hard to see why many don’t feel the need to go abroad. The lure of the open road and the freedom it provides is appealing. You could drive from South Carolina all the way up to Washington if you wanted to. There are no rules, and that is why cross country road trips are so popular. Follow these top tips to ensure you have the best trip possible.


Clean out your vehicle regularly

Spending any amount of time in a car or a fifth wheel that is messy and dirty does not make for a comfortable experience. So before and during your trip give your vehicle a good clean out. Get rid of fast food wrappers, receipts, drink cartons and anything else that belongs in the trash. It’s likely you’ll accumulate more of this stuff as you go along to staying on top of it is paramount. Otherwise, you may make your vehicle feel from cramped, claustrophobic and unhygienic. Which is not ideal when you’re spending hours on end sat inside it. So doing this regularly will give you more space and create a cleaner, more comfortable atmosphere for you to sit in.

Download some apps

Instead of just downloading gaming and social media apps, you can now download apps to enhance your road trip experience. The GasBuddy app, for instance, can direct towards the nearest gas station based on your location. This will be useful if you aren’t familiar with your surroundings and gas is something you will often need. The OpenTable app is another great tool, where you can book a table in advance for a well-deserved meal in a local restaurant. This will be well received after a long day of driving. Also, consider downloading Spotify to fill your vehicle with music and prevent your trip from getting dull.

Keep your documentation safe

You may have breakdown cover or have car insurance prepared, but this won’t help you if you don’t have documentation. It’s fine to store this information on your phone, but always have a paper copy stored in your vehicle too. This will be vital if your phone gets lost, broken or stolen and allows you to quickly access valuable information. You may also need to provide identification at hotels, banks and stores. So always have photocopies of your ID available too just in case you lose yours. Keep all of these important documents in a waterproof folder and store in a place you can easily access. That way you have all bases covered and put your mind at ease. Also, remember to pack a paper map which you can use, should your GPS fail to work.

With these top tips, you’ll have a stress-free, enjoyable cross country trip. Plan a loose route, but enjoy having the ability to go anywhere you please.

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