Viva Las Vegas! Guarantee a fun visit to the city

Las Vegas is one of those destinations in the U.S. that people from around the world flock to visit. Known as the entertainment capital of the world, it offers something for everyone. It’s a bit of a strange place at the same time, as it’s right in the Mojave Desert. One minute you’re surrounded by bright lights, the next you could be in the middle of nowhere!

Still, that’s just one of the many attractions that Las Vegas has to offer. Are you planning on visiting the city soon? Perhaps it’s on your bucket list? If so, check out these ideas for places to visit and things to do during your time there:

800px-Las_Vegas_89Source: Wikimedia Commons

Go out on a helicopter tour

Las Vegas is a city that boasts a population of around 600,000 people. You might not think that’s much, but it means it’s a place spread out over a large area. If you want to see just how big it is, one way to do it is up in the air.

Sure, you might have caught a glimpse or two if you flew into McCarran International Airport. But, why not survey the city from above in a memorable helicopter tour? You could also fly across the Grand Canyon too.

See a show or two

They don’t call Las Vegas the “entertainment capital” for nothing! Even if you’re not someone that enjoys a spot of gambling, there is still plenty to do there. Did you know that one can check out some amazing shows while they’re in the city?

For example, if you’re a fan of magic shows you’re in for a treat! You could get the best David Copperfield tickets at the MGM Casino. Or how about the Cirque Du Soleil? One thing’s for sure: you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Visit The Auto Collections

Are you a car enthusiast? If so, you need to go and visit The Auto Collections in Las Vegas! It boasts the world’s largest collection of classic cars from the 1920s through to the 1980s.

800px-2011_11_2_Imperial_Palace_Harrahs_Auto_collection-1-31_-_Flickr_-_Moto@Club4AGSource: Wikimedia Commons

Inside you’ll find autos from all over the world. You’ll probably need to spend a few hours here if you’re a gearhead!

Stratosphere Tower rides

Do you have a love of going on wild and often scary rides? If so, you need to head over to the Stratosphere Tower! It’s the tallest hotel on the strip and features three death-defying rides. My favorite is the Big Shot! It shoots you up 160 feet at around 45 mph.

If you aren’t a fan of such rides, you could always enjoy the scenic views from the top of the tower. There is also a selection of shops up there too.

The Mob Museum

Do you have an interest in crime and law enforcement? The Mob Museum is right up your alley if that’s the case! It’s in the heart of downtown Las Vegas and features an intriguing insight into the subject.

It gives you a look at how crime impacted the city in years gone by and the wider effects in the U.S.

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