Touring the East Coast Of America: your main stops

America is the home of the road trip. Its roads have been immortalised in films and novels for decades, and it’s something every traveller should do. Hitting the open highway is the only way to see the real side of a country. You’ll roll into a new town every morning, find a place for breakfast, and explore your new surroundings. It’s a wonderful experience, no matter what route you take.

Today, we’re going to take a trip down America’s east coast. From way up north to the tip of south peninsula, you’ll see everything the USA has to offer. So, hitch up your RV or travel trailer, and let’s get out on the open road.

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Stop #1: Canada

Controversially, we’re going to start our journey in Canada. And, why not? Canada has some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet. It’s cities are buzzing, vibrant, and cultural too. Our advice is to start in the French cities of Quebec or Montreal. You’ll soak up the hints of European culture, and start your journey in style. You could also set off from Toronto, the major city on the east side. As you head out of the city, you’ll explore Canada’s wonderful countryside, before heading over the border.

Stop #2: New York

New York, New York. Perhaps the most iconic city on the planet. Your east coast trip couldn’t possible be complete without it. It’s probably best to spend a couple of days here, and soak in the atmosphere. Take some time to visit the major sights. The Empire State Building, the 9/11 memorial, and the Statue of Liberty. But, don’t forget to relax, and enjoy the buzz of the city too. Wander around Central Park, or spend an afternoon in the coffee shops of West Village.

Stop #3: Washington DC

It was a tough call between Washington DC, and Philadelphia. But, if you’re on a tight schedule, it’s worth making time for the country’s capital. If only to see the White House and Capitol Hill, this stop is worth every second. You can also visit the Washington monument and the Lincoln memorial. Then it’s back on the road again!

Stop #4: The Florida Keys

The journey from Washington to Florida winds through Virginia and North and South Dakota. It’s a beautiful journey, so take it slow, and enjoy the views. You’ll start to feel warmer as you head into Florida. Perhaps you could make a pit stop at Miami, and spend an afternoon on South Beach. But, your ultimate destination is the Florida Keys. It’s the very tip of the country, and road stretches out into the Caribbean sea. The road itself is a long bridge connecting small clusters of islands. There’s nothing else like it.

Step#5: New Orleans

Lastly, it’s time to make the journey west along the coast. Here you’ll find New Orleans. The world’s capital of blues, jazz, and soul. It remains one of America’s must-see cities, and it’s well worth the extra driving time to get here.

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