4 Things you must do while in Perth

If you are planning to visit Australia this year, either on holiday or for business, you have to visit Perth. The capital of Western Australia, Perth, is a fantastic city and somewhere that should be on every traveller’s bucket list.

With beautiful green parks, golden sandy beaches, and some of the world’s most amazing eateries, Perth is a fantastic place. Being a capital city, the only downside is the fact that there is so much to see and do. So much so, that it’ll be impossible to fit everything into your trip.


To help you make the most of the time that you have in this amazing city, I have put together a guide to four things that you have to do while you are there.

Go to King’s Park

Perth is home to one of the world’s biggest city parks, King’s Park. This lush landscape is situated close to both the Swan and Canning Rivers and boasts some incredible views.

Complete with beautiful gardens and lots of lovely cafes, this is the perfect place for a spot of sunbathing and an ice cream. You can also enjoy a guided bush walk here, along with a picnic. There are many popular Perth attractions, but King’s Park has to be one of the very best. (This beautiful place really is a must-see.)

Visit Fremantle Harbour

If you are willing to travel away from the city centre, make sure to visit Fremantle Harbour. This beautiful area of the city is not only teaming with some of the best seafood restaurants, but is also known for its intriguing heritage. This includes the remnants of the old prison, as well as a fantastic art centre and old courthouse.

Perth Zoo

If you are an animal lover, Perth Zoo should definitely be on your itinerary. This fantastic 41-acre zoo is home to a thousand animals from 160 different species. As well as having lots of animals and insects to look at, the zoo also has various workshops and shows on throughout the day.

A day trip to Perth Zoo will give you the chance to see many of Australia’s most amazing creatures. This includes the animals the country is famous for – koalas, kangaroos and wallabies. If you are a koala lover, a visit to Cohunu Koala Park is also worth having on your itinerary.

Swan Valley

Just 25 minutes from Perth city centre is the Swan Valley, while technically, not in the city itself, this is a must-see. One of Australia’s oldest wine growing regions, Swan Valley is a truly beautiful place. As well as being a famous wine region, the valley is also home to the country’s first human food region.

Complete with a visitor centre, various trails, free tasting events, and river cruises, this is a fantastic place. If you fancy a day that’s nice and laid back, a trip to Swan Valley is recommended.

Perth is an amazing city, and somewhere that is bursting with things to do. Full of hundreds of sights and attractions, you’ll never be short of things to do. To ensure that you make the most of your trip, make sure that these attractions are on your itinerary.

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