10 Awesome things you must do in Canada

If you’re planning on travelling to Canada sometime soon, you’re going to want to make the most of your trip. This place is vast, and there’s so much to do here. Make sure you add the following 10 awesome things to your bucket list.

Eat Poutine

Eating poutine is a Canadian tradition. What is it? To put it simply, it’s a mix of fries, gravy, and a special kind of cheese. They make it differently depending on which part of Canada you’re in, but it’s always delicious. It’s especially nice after a couple of drinks with friends. Just make sure you try it! Other places have started to follow suit and take inspiration from this dish, but you’ll never have it as nice as the real Canadian deal. If you love potatoes, cheese, and gravy, you’ll absolutely love this mouthwatering national dish.

Watch the Polar Bears

Churchill in Manitoba gets a host of exciting visitors every September – Polar bears. You can take a tour to watch them head to their new destination. You won’t believe what you’re seeing up close, so make sure you grab this opportunity if you can. There aren’t many places you can see real life polar bears.

See the Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains are one of the most famous sites in Canada, and they look beautiful however you choose to see them. Whatever the reason you’re here, you just can’t miss them. Make sure you add them to your bucket list and go out of your way to see them.

Ski at the Whistler Resort

The Whistler Resort is one of the best places to ski in the world. If you want to try skiing for the first time or you are an advanced skier, you’ll love it here. Take a couple of lessons and go ahead and you won’t regret it.


See Niagara Falls

Niagara falls is a must see. Many people say that the Canadian side is better than the American side, so you absolutely have to go along if you’re in the area! Don’t worry about doing any of the tourist activities, as they aren’t essential. You’ll usually have the best time if you go along alone and see it for yourself so make your own plans.

Cycle Around Stanley Park

Stanley Park is one of the most beautiful areas in Canada, and one of the best ways to see it is to cycle around it. As you cycle, you can see boats, relaxing bodies of water, mountains and greenery. There’s no place like it.

Go Back in Time in Old Quebec

Old Quebec will make you feel like you’re wandering around a time long since passed. The charming buildings and vast history make it something amazing to marvel at. Fly drives in Canada means minimal fuss so you can get there ASAP.

Enjoy Butchart Gardens

Not only are these gardens absolutely stunning, there are also many activities you can enjoy here. Imagine seeing an amazing firework show in this setting, or listening to some great music at a live concert. You can do it all here. There are also night time illuminations, boat tours, and family walks you can be a part of. You’ll never run out of things to do! Just make sure you do research depending on your specific date, and think about booking in advance so you don’t miss out.

Hike the Wild Pacific Trail

If you love staying active with activities such as hiking, there’s no place better to do it than the wild pacific trail. The area is full of amazing cliffs and greenery, with unspoilt scenery for miles. You’ll love it if you love spending time in nature.

Enjoy the Montreal Botanical Gardens

The Montreal botanical gardens is just another of the beautiful gardens that Canada has to offer. You can find lots of different things to do here too if you’re stuck for activities. There are a number of different gardens based on different cultures, as well as events. If you’re visiting sometime soon, they even have Halloween events.

If you’re planning on visiting Canada, make sure you do the above 10 awesome things at some point. You may not be able to fit it all in depending on the reason for travel and where you’re travelling to, but you should definitely bear them in mind. You’ll make the most of your trip if you can fit these activities in. If you’ve travelled to Canada before, where do you consider to be a must visit? What do you think is a must do?

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