The International Luxury Travel Market of Cannes

Cannes, France Marina Boats and Yachts. Luxury Yachts.

Cannes, France Marina Boats and Yachts. Luxury Yachts.

The ILTM or the International Luxury Travel Market held in Cannes is considered as the event where those who are involved in the global luxury travel industry encounter to exchange and discuss their ideas regarding new strategies and products in the hopes of increasing revenues and sales. This is a by-invitation only event where suppliers pay substantial fees to invite and meet prospective buyers whose expenses are covered for the duration of the event. It is also a much publicized occasion due to the wide media coverage which ensures ample advertising across the globe.

Exhibitors who would want to take part in the ILTM in Cannes consider this is an investment that gives them the chance to meet face-to-face with the very best buyers from all over the planet, meeting only the right people for their business. As an exhibitor, you receive a package that includes up to 52 one-to-one appointments where each one lasts as long as 20 minutes, giving you the opportunity to present your ideas in the most appealing and strategic way possible in order to reel in possible buyers. You also receive tickets to the ILTM Official Party, invitations to afterhours networking events, a reserved place at the ILTM Global Forum including access to the world’s best media editors.  On the other hand, most ILTM buyers are completely hosted and the request for places is high. Visiting the ILTM is also one way of having a luxurious vacation in the French Riviera. After all, the place is known for its glitzy and glamorous atmosphere.

For this year’s event, the ILTM is going to be a 4-day affair to be held from November 30 to December 3. Among participants will be some of the industry’s top leaders, like the luxury car rental company PrimeRent and big conglomerates like the Virgin Group. The location is set at the Palais des Festivals et des Congress de Cannes and those who visit will have the chance to experience the products and ideas in the world of travel and tourism. World leaders in the industry are expected to give inspirational speeches and forums that focus on the endless opportunities with regards to tourism and travel. This is definitely a thing not to miss especially for those who are involved in the industry as experts are sure to provide enlightening issues provide an opening to new perspectives which are considered fundamental in the business

Attending this show is surely one classy and luxurious experience where you get to see a lot of noteworthy international luxury travel providers and suppliers from across the globe who gather to talk business and to exhibit their latest innovations and products at this flagship inspirational event. This is an affair that provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to meet target buyers and contacts in one place that can have a huge impact in the success of the business. At the same time, it is an event where new ideas are proposed, inspirational insights are pooled together and business strategies are shared, making it a grandiose affair to attend.

Click here, if you want more info about this unique event in Cannes.

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