Why you should visit northern Italy next

Northern Italy is often overshadowed by the South, but it has a lot to offer. Here’s why your next trip should be to the north of the country.

Venice’s Iconic Waters

In Venice, the roads are replaced by canals, so the only way to get around is by boat or on foot. Walking over the stone footpaths and bridges can be just as fun as taking to the waters. But nothing really beats a ride on the waters of Venice, passing by the stunning architecture that constitutes the city. If you’ve never been there before, you have to visit it at least once because there’s nowhere else quite like it in the world. It’s a true one off, and one of the best things about Northern Italy.

The Culture and History of Tuscany

Home to the Renaissance and some of the greatest art and architecture ever to come out of Europe, Tuscany is one of the most popular areas in all of Italy. It’s almost like stepping back in time as you explore everything the area has to offer. The city of Florence is the biggest pull for tourists and culture enthusiasts, but there’s much more to Tuscany than Florence. For example, the south coast of Monte Argentario is both beautiful and relaxing. Visit http://www.toursoftuscany.com.au/overview-of-tours/ to find out more about what you can do in Tuscany.

Gran Paradiso National Park

If you want to explore the Alps, make sure you take a trip to Gran Paradiso National Park. It’s one of the best-preserved areas of natural beauty, and wilderness is Europe. Gran Paradiso is the only mountain that is wholly in the borders of Italy, and it became the nation’s first national park nearly 100 years ago. For people who love hiking, this is definitely the best spot in Italy, so be sure to get your hiking gear out and head up the mountain. It’s also good for people who enjoy skiing.

Genoa’s Coastal Idyll

Genoa is one of the most under appreciated cities in all of Italy. People who don’t know about what the city has to offer tend to head for other cities like Milan or Rome instead. But there’s something very different and very special about what Genoa has to offer visitors. It’s a coastal city that’s very popular with yacht owners and people who want to relax by the sea. But the historic city centre with its narrow streets and old buildings is just as great as the coastline is, so give it a chance.

Cityscape of the Port of Genoa (view from above). Genoa, Liguria, Italy, South Europe.

Cityscape of the Port of Genoa (view from above). Genoa, Liguria, Italy, South Europe.

Image Source

Lake Garda

The biggest glacial lake in the Lombardy province is Lake Garda, one of the most famous lakes in Italy. But what makes it so stunning and such a draw for visitors is what surrounds. It’s positioned with the Alps to the north of it, and to the south is the flat plains of the region. It’s quite a breath-taking view when you find yourself there for the first time. It’s perfect for people looking for a way to relax and chill out in Northern Italy. If you want to get active and play sports, head to the shore of Riva del Garda.

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