How to prepare for the ultimate American road trip

For my regular readers, you’ll know that my bucket list is very, very long. But, one of the things I’ve yet to tick off is the great American road trip. The journey from east coast to west coast is a must for an traveller. It’s almost like a rite of passage. Taking Route 66 across the country, and waking up in a new city every morning sounds perfect! America is such a vast and beautiful country. Starting in the vibrant city of New York, and ending in the sun-kissed city of Los Angeles. Is there any better road trip in the world?

Plan your route

Choosing the right route is the most important part of your American road trip. I’ve already mentioned Route 66. The road starts in Chicago, and weaves its way through the American heartland. Touching points include Missouri, Texas, and Arizona, before finishing up in the City of Angels, LA. You’ll see the very best of America, from the cold, windy north to the deserts in the south west. That’s not the only famous route on the continent, however. You can also go south to north, from New Orleans to Seattle. Or try the east coast from Florida to New York.

Choose your vehicle

If you’re setting out on the long, dusty roads of North America, you need the right vehicle. Ideally, you need a car that is reliable, with plenty of practical space for you and your companions. If you’re asking my advice, I’d take a RV or travel trailer, and hitch it up behind a sturdy car. That way, you can pull up on the side of the road wherever you want.

Plan your accommodation

If you’re following my lead, and taking an RV, you needn’t worry about accommodation. If you’re just taking a car, however, you’ll need to organize some accommodation along the way. One option is to book all the hotels in advance. Just remember, if you do that, you’re stuck to a very specific schedule, and there’s not much room for spontaneous choices. It’s often worth leaving it open, and staying in the local motel at the end of each night.

Plan a few stops along the way

The full journey can seem overwhelming when you start planning it. That’s why it’s useful to break it down into smaller parts. Let each traveller pick a place along the way they want to stop and see. That way, everyone gets to do something they want. Maybe it’s a city they’ve always wanted to go to. There are also tons of weird and wonderful roadside attractions in America. See how many you can spot.

Be spontaneous

My last piece of advice is to let the road take you. Don’t put too much pressure on the journey or stick to a strict schedule. Take your time, meet people along the way, and go off the beaten track. Find new towns, and embrace the random nature of the road.

Follow these tricks, and you’ll plan the best road trip ever. Have you ever travelled the US by car? Please let me know your thoughts and tips below.


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