Our Vietnamese Bucket List

In flight

Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Vietnam with two of my legendary friends. It’s happening.

Work leave has been approved, tour guide Terrence (Taryn) is momentarily fun-employed so has planned the whole itinerary (What a gem!) and it’s time to count down the months, nay weeks.

Ahead of my Eat, Play, Yoga trip to Indonesia earlier this year, I created My Bali Bucket List so here’s the Vietnam edition. I’ll see how things go but I’ll probably film bits and pieces of our trip to create an Aftermovie like I did here:

We’re working on a bucket list and we’d love to add your suggestions, too.
Here is the first draft:

  • Cycle around Hoi An’s ancient town
  • Trek in Sapa’s forests
  • Sail around Halong Bay (cruise already booked)
  • Explore local markets
  • Take photos next to funny signs (there are always a few)
  • Join a Vietnamese cooking course and perfect making fresh spring rolls
  • Wear traditional Vietnamese fishing hats (because the photos will be priceless)
  • Explore ancient ruins in Hue
  • Indulge in frequent spa treatments
  • Taste the local beers (mandatory)
  • Order cocktails with bizarre names that we don’t understand
  • Attend yoga classes
  • Learn local phrases which will likely be used in our daily conversation going forward
  • Make some local friends who can teach us above colloquial phrases
  • Swim in the South China Sea
  • Get a tan, relax and enjoy the odd nap
  • Read a novel
  • Dance into 2016 (Terrence, we’ll do the opposite of what we did last year)
  • Watch the first sunrise of 2016


If this hilarious photo from our friends’ wedding is anything to go on; travelling around Vietnam with the Grant sisters is going to be a laugh a minute and the best way to let our hair down, kick back and bid farewell to 2015. Nicole and Taryn, I cannot wait.

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4 Responses to Our Vietnamese Bucket List

  1. The local women will frown on tanning; expect disapproving looks.

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