A beautiful yoga reunion

After two weeks without yoga due to traveling to Barcelona, work and general life chaos; I headed to a yoga class this evening and it was exactly what my body, mind and soul needed.

After recent swimming and running workouts, my muscles needed some stretching and toning so I headed to a dripping wet hot Power yoga class at my local studio, Yoga Life.

As you do at the start of all yoga practices, I set my intention. Spontaneously, I chose the first thing that came to mind – positive change.

When you take a break from something that has become routine and a bit flat and then return at a later stage; you realise how much you actually love it and that reunion is magic. That’s what happened tonight.

My shavasana at the end of this evening’s hour long class was just that – magic. For my non-yogi readers, shavasana is the final pose of every yoga practice, also known as the corpse pose where you lie on your back with your legs and arms spread out alongside your pulsating beetroot red body. While your heart rate starts to slow down and you focus on deep long breaths, you close your eyes and meditate. It’s kind of like going to your happy place and most yoga instructors ask you to stay in shavasana for at least 10 deep breaths before leaving the studio to return to your busy life.

Why was this evening’s shavasna one of the most beautiful moments I’ve ever experienced in a yoga class? It probably had something to do with me embracing my great intention and the awesome music that was playing and what my mind conjured up:

I was lying in the same pose but my mind transcended me to a forest where I lay on a bed of leaves and peered up at the tallest trees with an opening just above allowing the beaming sun to seep through. In this forest, gravity was confused as there were no leaves gently descending onto my body. Instead, there was a gentle upward whirlwind with leaves, feathers and sparkling lights that slowly grew taller and wider up towards the light source. The base of the whirlwind was positioned over my chest and I felt my heart open more and more with each breath.


Yoga Life write a weekly quote on a black board and this week’s words perfectly matches my above experience. I like to think of my beautiful shavasana as a healing, heart-opening enlightenment.


Yes, I sound like a complete hippie going on about this dreamy meditation, set in a scene like Hogsback but maybe it was today’s little miracle.

Gaby Bernstein has said something along these lines in one of her videos:

“Miracles occur naturally and when they’re not occurring, something has gone wrong. Stay in your high frequency and co-create your outside experience. The universe has your back.”

This is why I love the holistic approach of yoga and have realised that I need to make more time for regular practice regardless of what chaos is going on in my daily work life.

Here are a few Pinterest yoga gems that I thought I’d share. Hopefully they’ll help you follow your sun.

In other yoga news that I’ve only shared on my social platforms, I have joined Sharni Quinn’s Angel Team at Follow The Sun which is very exciting. The Follow The Sun tribe is an inspiring group of yoga teachers, life coaches, nutritionists and travel adventurers. Check out Sharni’s stunning new site to find out more – www.followthesun.co.za.


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