That in-flight moment

woman using computer on airplane

If you’re a regular traveler, you know that feeling. That moment when you toast your neighbour with a glass of bubbly,  settle in to watch your first movie and tuck into your neatly packaged meal tray. And then you order a glass (well, plastic cup) of red vino, and that euphoric moment sets in. You’re flying over your home continent and towards another. A new adventure. Even if you’ve been there before, each experience is totally different with new people, places and experiences to meet and greet.

After watching 5 Flights Up with Diane Keaton and Morgan Freeman, a cute elderly couple trying to sell their Brooklyn apartment, I had a nostalgic moment where I really missed Manhattan and it’s crazy non-stop streets. And then the ‘Aha’ sentimental moment happened. I’m the luckiest travel addict alive. Yes, I’ve spent a few months in NYC in the past few years and it has a soft spot in my heart. Chelsea, the High Line, Central Park, MOMA… the list goes on.

But somehow, right now, I’ve managed to land my bum in the butter on a Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt and on to our final destination, Barcelona. You see, for the past year and a bit I’ve been creating content for Inner Circle. If you don’t know what it’s all about – go on, click the hyperlink above. It’s become my baby so I’m quite attached – like a doting woman enjoying her first pet kitten. With my itchy feet tendencies, I haven’t quite yet permitted myself to get a pet. Yet. I’ll get there one day.

So, I’m chaperoning 4 lovely Joburgers for a seriously jam-packed week of site-seeing and partying in Barcelona. Thank you Inner Circle, Ballantine’s Whisky and Boiler Room for the great opportunity. We have a birthday in the group this week so Thursday’s #StayTrueSpain is going to be epic. You can live stream the event here. For everything else, follow our Barca movements on Instagram.

The last time I was in Barcelona, I was 15 traveling with my cousin, aunt and uncle and we were those teens who lingered and admiringly looked at the entrances of Barcelona’s night life. Many years later, it’s time. Maybe it was a positive manifestation that I put out to the universe many years ago?

Anyway, I’m onto my next movie, set in London. Maybe I’ll return there one day too? For now though, it’s time to relish my return to Barcelona which means tapas, sangria, paella, Flamenco, Picasso, Gaudi, Miro and olives for days.

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