The best places in the world for Safaris

Many people agree that a safari is a must-do experience for anyone who loves to travel. If you love wildlife and nature, you can see some incredible things on a safari excursion. The usual image of these trips is going in a jeep to find lions, elephants and giraffes. There are a several African countries where you can find incredible experiences. However, they aren’t the only places you can go for a safari.

Across the world, there are many other locations where you can find big game in their natural habitat. Plus, a safari doesn’t have to be all about the animals. You can find some awe-inspiring scenery too, which is often more impressive than a quick glimpse of an animal.


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If you want to try some different safaris, you have to start with a legendary African safari. There are a number of countries you can choose from, ranging from South Africa to Botswana. Tanzania has seen a rise in popularity over the years. It’s now seen as one of the best places to visit for an incredible safari experience. Because the safari business is so large in several African countries, planning your trip can be difficult. You can take advantage of resources like You can do your trip in lots of different ways, from rough and rambling to luxury style.


Argentina might not be the first place you think of for a safari, but there’s a lot to see there. It’s not the foremost country for wildlife. However, there are some beautiful animals to spot. You can see flamingos, alpacas and llamas, hummingbirds and the majestic condor. If you’re incredibly lucky, you might even be able to spot a puma. There’s more to Argentina apart from the animals, though, such as the glaciers and stretching grass plains. If you’re a vegetarian, Argentina may not be the best destination for you. Meat features very heavily in daily life.


If lions are the big cat to search for in Africa, then tigers are the ones to look for in India. There are also a couple of animals you’ll find in both countries, albeit as different species. You can spot both elephants and rhinos on an Indian safari, as well as a medley of other animals and birds. The country has over 80 national parks, which are perfect for planning your trip. If you’re looking for tigers, head to Kerala. At the Periyar Tiger Reserve, you can see elephants, leopards and giant squirrels. India is excellent for birdwatchers too, and if you’re lucky you’ll see a kingfisher.


The huge country of Brazil has a diverse landscape, from the dense forest of the Amazon to the world’s largest wetlands. While Africa has its collection of Big 5 animals, Brazil has one too. Their special species are tapirs, giant anteaters, giant river otters, maned wolves and jaguars.

If you want to go on a safari, don’t limit yourself to Africa. You have other options to give you a chance to see different scenery and animals.

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