Travel is not a guilty pleasure

You should never feel guilty about creating opportunities and making time to travel. Travel should not be categorised as a guilty pleasure that is hampering your career or five year plan. We only have a limited time on this earth so the time to explore it is now.

A friend of mine has diligently followed the corporate path. After high school, she went to university and has been working since. She has worked over the past five or more years’ Christmas periods, and has excelled in her career. However, this year she decided to take a break to travel and explore more of the word to gain a fresh perspective on where she wants to go next – in her career and life.

It’s not like she hasn’t travelled before. Annually, she goes on an awesome adventure or two abroad. But she decided to make a positive life change. She resigned from her full-time job and is spending the remainder of this year travelling and doing a bit of work in between.

Sometimes people judge others who pursue their travel dreams and scratch their itchy feet. Opinions of what you’re meant to be doing with your life such as ‘you should be saving money to buy a house’, ‘you can’t pause your career’, ‘you need to work hard constantly so that you have money when you retire one day’. These are valid questions that should be taken into consideration, to a degree. What if you do the ‘right’ thing? You retire in your 60’s and then what?

You’ll be older and your body will be too. You won’t be able to embark on all sorts of adventures like doing the Inca Trail in Peru or the Camino Walk in Spain. Plus you’ll have a host of responsibilities such as a family, grandkids, pets and other things to worry about. it’s not like you can just say ‘Adios amigos, I’ve going abroad for a bit’. The time for guiltless travel is now. Anyone can make a plan to travel – rent your house out on Airbnb and travel for a few weeks. Why not? The cliche ‘life is short’ is a reality so why wait? Dust off that bucket list and start working your way through it. If you don’t you’ll regret it.

And if money is an issue, start saving now. Sell some 2nd hand stuff, find some freelance work, cut down on luxuries for a few months and put that money aside. Put your intention to travel out there and the universe will hola back. It always does.

Here are a few more reasons why you should disrupt your routine, take the plunge and follow your dreams.

One day when I lay down to rest, I want to be able to say ‘I’ve had one hell of an adventure… many adventures. And I don’t regret the way I lived my life one bit.’ What will you say?

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