My next adventure: Vietnam for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

So after being back to normality and routine in wintery Cape Town a month and a half after returning from Bali, my itchy feet are getting out of control again. While bed ridden with nasty bronchitis a week or so ago,  my mind was was like an over-active puppy whizzing around, wanting to play.

So I started thinking… When and where can I travel that doesn’t require visa planning and admin, is cheap and amazing?

As our office closes over the Christmas period and my generation of the family are all away this Christmas; traveling abroad or spending it with their in-laws, I decided why not shake things up and spend the festive season in Vietnam?

 Even with a South African passport, you can get a visa upon arrival if you fly into Vietnam and it’s pretty cheap when you’re there. So I spontaneously booked a flexi ticket on Travelstart before they got too pricey. It still hasn’t sunk in.

I’ve chatted to some friends who have traveled to Vietnam and have read this brilliant blog post that a friend sent; which has made me extremely excited. Over the next few months, I’ll be researching and compiling my bucket list which I’ll obviously share with you here.

I mean, just look how ridiculously good-looking Vietnam is! And I haven’t even met the people, tasted the local cuisine or local beer (always a must), and explored it’s beauty until my feet hurt.

And I don’t mind traveling alone but it’s great to share the traveling experience with someone so luckily a good friend of mine is joining the epic Vietnam adventure and maybe we’ll convince one or two others to join us too.

So I’ll be that girl in the photo except; let’s be realistic – it’s Vietnam where it’s humid and hot so I’ll be a sweaty Betty version of her. I’ll be as smiley and sunshiny as she is, with a camera in my hand. Obvs.

You see, I really would regret not following through with the spark that ignited in my mind. Anyone who knows me, knows that travel is what makes me tick and love life to the max so it’s a no-brainer really.


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One Response to My next adventure: Vietnam for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

  1. Kate says:

    Oh, how I wish my work was off during Christmastime so I could jet off to Vietnam! Sounds like an incredible trip, I’m excited to follow along 🙂

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