Top tips for stress-free camping


Holidays are a funny thing, don’t you think? I love heading to the beach and staying in a nice hotel, but not all of the time. I hate getting stuck in a rut and doing the same thing over and over. For me, it is all about exploring new places and having new experiences. Camping is a new experience that I can vouch for. As well as a new experience, I can also tell you that camping is stressful. And as I’m a big believer that no holiday should be stressful – it is a break after all – I have compiled a list for stress-free camping.

Keep It Short

I know that when most people think of holidays, they want to spend as long as possible away from home and the office. Don’t do that with camping. Camping is not the same type of break as a ‘conventional’ holiday, and it can get boring and difficult after a while. Remember there is no running water and that you are sleeping under a piece of extra material.

Camp Close To Home

There are plenty of great places to camp, and you don’t need to drive for miles to find a good spot. Yes, some camping spots are better than others. But some of those spots might be under your nose. As much as I like exploring, there is nothing better than exploring your local surroundings and discovering a utopia nearby. Plus, you don’t want an eight-hour drive after a weekend of hiking and sleep deprivation.

Take Advantage Of Technology

A lot of campers hate this tip because it flies in the face of everything that camping stands for. I say if it makes your trip better, do it. A little technology will go a long way when you are camping out under the stars. For example, one of the main problems with the great outdoors is not being able to wash. But, if you buy the Aquarius Porta-Bidet you can have fresh water all the time. It might not be enough for a shower, but you can always have a stand-up wash.

Pack Light

You don’t need as much as you think. The problem I have with any vacation is packing too many clothes. It is not a fashion contest and you almost certainly won’t use or wear everything that you pack. The problem with packing too much is that you have to carry your bag everywhere with you. Tents are not the most secure so I wouldn’t recommend leaving your valuables while you leave your spot. The last thing you need is to lug a couple of extra kilos up a mountain, especially when you could have left most of it at home.


Stock The First Aid Kit

Accidents happen, and they happen more often in the great outdoors. There are a lot more hazards that you have to worry about. Don’t let worry and fear ruin your holiday – just pack a first aid kit for most situations.

When I take the necessary precautions, I love camping.

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