The ultimate guide to travelling the world in a motorhome

There’s a new trend in town, and it’s something I love the idea of – travelling the world in a motorhome or camper van. It used to be popular, way back when; however, it was soon replaced with package holidays and inter-railing. Finally, it’s rising in popularity again. Thousands of seasoned travellers are throwing their suitcases into the back of a motorhome and setting off for an adventure. If the thought of this has given you itchy feet, then you’re not alone. To help you on your way, and to satisfy my own travel urges, here’s the ultimate guide to travelling the world in a motorhome.

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Plan a Route

Where exactly is it you want to visit? Most places will be quite easy to explore in a motorhome, but you need to plan ahead. How do you get from A to B? Use a map service to put together a route. Make sure you include all of the sights you’re hoping to visit. Put together a plan that details how long you’ll stop at each place. Leave time for traffic and any other hold ups. Travelling the world in a motorhome is exciting, but it does need some careful forethought. Planning ahead will ensure your journey is far more relaxing.

Rules and Restrictions

Next, you want to research the various different rules for driving in each of the countries you’ll be visiting. What side of the road do you need to drive on? What are the speed limits? Make sure you’re fully clued up to avoid any unnecessary police encounters. Or accidents! You should also find out if there are any restrictions on certain roads. Depending on where you’re travelling, you may find that some road surfaces aren’t suitable for a motorhome. There are some pretty dangerous roads out there. Try to stick to routes and roads that are safe to travel on.

Buying and Selling

Now you need to get yourself a motorhome! Finding yourself the perfect vehicle shouldn’t be too difficult. However, make sure you have a mechanic on hand to take with you to viewings. They will be able to tell you if there are any underlying issues. You should also check the value of the motorhome you’re planning on buying. Don’t get ripped off! Sites such as will be able to give you a good idea of what your motorhome is worth. Don’t forget you’ll need to sell it when the journey is over, too. Keep a site like this bookmarked so you can make your money back at the end. Unless you’re planning on keeping it for impromptu adventures!

Packing Up and Setting Off

Now comes the exciting bit. It’s time to pack your life into the back of the motorhome and set off. Put together a list of everything you want to take and slowly pack everything up. If you forget anything, it could be difficult to replace on your journey. Tick everything off your list as it goes into the motorhome. Check, double check, and triple check. Now, put your pedal to the metal and off you go.

Travelling the world in a motorhome sounds like such an exciting idea. It’s a great way to travel with your family too. The next time you get itchy feet, consider seeing the world in a whole different light.

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