Thoughts on my 29th Birthday

It’s the 5th of the 5th – my birthday.

 At around 9:45am I will enter the final year of a decade that has been one hell of an adventure. I’ve travelled around many parts of the world; I’ve met interesting people, experienced great friendships and relationships and have learnt a great deal in the process. I’ve also met different facets of myself – those deep layers that you discover along life’s journey like perfecting the art of arriving in a foreign country alone and making a go of it, sticking to your beliefs and moral code even when you sometimes lose your way and have to veer your course back in the right direction.

In reflection times such as these, I tend to see birthdays as an opportunity to form new personal New Year’s resolutions. And when I think of the goals I set out for 2015, I’m well on track. So I’ve decided that my goal for my 30th year (I’m not 30 yet) is to develop a habit:

To notice and appreciate the beauty in life’s moments.

The good and the bad, the expected and spontaneous unexpected moments, those ‘Aha’ moments and all the others in between. It goes back to the life lesson that I only fully grasped in recent years – to live fully in the present. Reserve judgment, stop over analysing the past and potential future. Rather, focus your energies on learning to train your eye, heart and soul to notice and appreciate the beauty in each of life’s moments as you never really know when your last moment may be.

After all, life is beautiful and beauty should be acknowledged and celebrated, don’t you think?

And on that note, after work I will be celebrating my coming of age and life so far, as well the Mexican holiday Cinque de Mayo, amongst old and new friends at one of Cape Town’s cosy and trendy tequila bars. Salud! πŸ™‚

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2 Responses to Thoughts on my 29th Birthday

  1. Stef says:

    Hi ,
    I hope you have an AWESOME day! …Blessings will be showered on you!
    God will guide you through this year!
    Cheersnow…so you can celebrate!

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