Exploring Franschhoek on the Wine Tram

Francshhoek translated into English means ‘French Corner’ and is known for its phenomenal wine vineyards and decadent cuisine. So when my Mom told me that she was going wine tasting in Franschhoek with a group of our family friends, I jumped at the opportunity to take my Scottish friend, Val (currently visiting SA) to experience another gem in the Cape.

We all hopped onto the red line Franschhoek Wine Tram; which I highly recommend to visitors wanting to explore the vast variety of wine farms. Perfectly timed trams, buses and tractors arrived at each point of the journey – Impeccable timing, in fact.

We started our wine tasting tour at Maison followed by Eikehof and then enjoyed a delicious lunch and sparkling wine (lots of it) at ROCO restaurant on Dieu Donne. With full bellies and a few slurred words, we headed to two more stops to sample decadent wines and cheese platters at Rickety Bridge and Grand Provence.

It was such a special memory day of overindulgence, laughs and decadence as you can see in my photos below. Manufique!

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