Top Tips For Organising A Luxury Skiing Holiday

A skiing holiday is something I have not yet had the opportunity to do. Well, I haven’t created the opportunity to do it. I seem to follow the sun to exotic beaches around the globe but skiing is definitely increasing in rank on my to-do list.

Are you thinking about going on a group skiing holiday? Are you considering splashing out on a luxury resort? Then make sure to have a read of this.

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A group skiing holiday with your closest friends and family can be a lot of fun, and an experience that you will want to repeat every year. But, organising a luxury skiing holiday for a large group of people can be hard work, so we have come up with ten tips to make it easier for you.

Here are 10 tips to help you prepare for the ultimate skiing holiday:

1. Discuss the type of trip the group wants

Before you start planning out your skiing trip, the most important thing to do is find out what everyone wants from the trip.

Do you want to stay in a five-star hotel or a luxury chalet? How will you travel there – airplane, helicopter or train? What is your maximum budget – how much is everyone willing to spend? These are all important things to discuss and agree on before you start planning the trip.

It is also important to discuss things like saunas, jacuzzis and maid service – what does everyone want? Is an in-house maid necessary? Do you need a sauna and a jacuzzi? Talk it through as a group, before making any decisions.

2. Pick accommodation

Once you have discussed everyone’s accommodation needs, you can then start sorting out the booking.

If you are booking a hotel, it is important to consider the most suitable type of hotel for your group. Would a spa hotel be best, or a grand alpine hotel? Think about the needs of the group and go from there.

If booking your luxury skiing holiday gets a bit tricky, get in touch with a luxury skiing company like Momentum Ski, for some help and advice.

3. Get everyone to pay up

Once you have decided on where you are staying, it is important that everyone pays up. Otherwise, you may be left out of pocket.

You can either take a deposit off of everyone before confirming the booking or get each guest to pay their part directly to the travel company. It is completely up to you, just make sure that everyone pays their share.

4. Make sure that you have all the information you need from the group

Does anyone have any special requests or requirements? Does anyone have any dietary requirements that the hotel or maids should be aware of?

It is also a good idea to ask if anyone would like to book anything particular for when they arrive, such as a massage, for example.

5. Give each group member the details they need for the trip

Make sure to email the travel details to each member of the group, at least a week before you travel. Send them the details of the accommodation and flights, as well as any extras they have booked or requested.

If not everyone is the group knows each other, make sure to give everyone a list of each others phone numbers. This will ensure you can easily get hold of everyone.

6. Book lift passes in advance

Make sure to book your lift passes and any ski equipment you want to hire, in advance. This will make the first morning on the slopes much easier and less stressful.

If a few people in the group are hiring skiing equipment, book an in-chalet fitting session, so that you can all try on your equipment comfortably. You can also request that your skiing passes are left in your chalet ready for your arrival.

7. Discuss ski school

Is everyone is the group a competent skier? Does anyone need a few extras lessons? If so, make sure to book skiing lessons before your trip.

If a few of the group are at the same skiing level, it might be a good idea to book a shared private lesson. Or, alternatively, you could hire your own instructor for the duration of your trip. This is the more expensive option, but it will give you all the time you will need with an instructor.

8. If you are travelling with children, set some rules

Before you travel, discuss some rules for any children in the group. Will all the children go to bed at the same time? Will the children share a private skiing lesson? Will the children all eat together? These are important things to discuss and decide on before the trip.

It is also a good idea to discuss whether the children will spend the evening with the group or whether you will hire a nanny or babysitter to watch them while you go out. This should be discussed prior to the trip to stop any arguments from occurring.

9. Plan your days out

Being part of a large group may make things a little difficult in terms of skiing. If some people are more experienced skiers than others, then they may want to ski on more advanced slopes, etc.

If people in the group ski at different speeds and are at different ability levels, then why not split off into a few small groups for skiing? Then you could all meet for lunch or drinks in one of the mountain bars or restaurants later in the day. If you are unsure where is best to eat, ask your chalet staff or hotel maids for some advice about the best restaurants and bars.

Remember, if you are staying in a luxury catered chalet, you chalet staff will have one night off a week, so you will need to take care of yourselves that night. If you are planning on all eating out together, make sure to book your restaurant in advance. Otherwise, you may not get a table.

10. Have fun

Skier-carving-a-turn(Photo credit)

A group skiing holiday is the perfect time to have fun, relax and spend time with your friends and loved ones.

Make sure to make the most out of your holiday by spending as much time as you can on the slopes.

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