Friday’s Five media morsels

I constantly immerse myself in media. I’m a creative sponge and am constantly absorbing, learning and growing. So I thought I’d share my top 5 media morsels from this week: a book review, film to see,  mobile app, TED talk and some tunes. 🙂

The great thing about media, especially all good things online, is that you can access them anywhere. This is perfect for travellers killing time on their iPhones and tablets at a random train station or lying across some chairs in the international lounge waiting for your next flight. You might as well enjoy yourself on that 5 hour layover in between people watching and double-checking that you have your passport and tickets nearby.

Ready? Here we go:

Book: NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL by Lena Dunham – I anxiously waited for months for this book to hit South Africa’s shelves. Yes, I could have downloaded it onto my Kindle but I craved a tangible reading experience. I wanted to admire the book design and illustrations in ink on crisp pages.If you haven’t heard about this book, let me educate you. It a collection of personal essays from the producer and actress, Lena Dunham from the HBO series called ‘Girls’. Think a dirtier, raw version of Sex in the City.Dunham’s book has been met with some controversy but I think those people are maybe a bit too conservative and need to open their minds a bit. Welcome to reality in 2015, people.

Her honest, out there essays follow her life experiences (a fictitious version of them) and it reminded me that we all have extremely random thoughts about ourselves, the world and the people surrounding us. We just let that internal monologue swirl around in our own minds and don’t share them. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and will definitely be using it as a reference when I write my own book one day.

Film: The Imitation Game – If you enjoy Benedict Cumberbatch in the series, Sherlock, then you will love this film. Plus, he acts alongside Keira Knightly. I won’t go into a synopsis. Just watch the trailer.

Mobile app: Sworkit – A free fitness app I discovered and it’s great. You can choose your preferred workout from ‘core strength’ to ‘yoga for runners’. What’s even better is that if you are injured and can’t do one of the guided exercises, you can just skip to the next exercise and it will remix your workout to fit your set time period. This is great for travellers and people on the go. I snuck in a 30 minute core workout this week and my muscles can feel how hard they worked.

TED Talk: Meg Jay: Why 30 is not the new 20
My Dad sent me a link to this insightful TED Talk and if you’re a twenty-something, watch this!!! A few key messages: Our 20’s are the defining decade of our lives. I’m there. Get some identity capital. Utilize weak ties. Be as intentional about love as you are with work. You’re deciding your life right now.

Music: Le Belle Musique – My kind desk neighbour, Tyrone Nell, sent me a few of these great lengthy mixes that guarantee a great mood. My productivity levels have been raised due to these decadent ear candy treats. Go on, get into the Friday spirit and listen to one of the mixes.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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