When in Rome, do a Roman – Just enjoy it out there travellers

In a creative brainstorming session last week, we explored the notion of ‘When in Rome’. You may be thinking, ‘When in Rome, do a Roman.’ Yes, you could do that. But we were delving into the idea that travel unlocks an untamed sense of adventure where you can do whatever you want, and things that you never normally do, when you arrive in a foreign country, city or town.

As a seasoned traveller, I have said to myself many times upon setting foot in a place. ‘What have I got to lose? I am probably never going to see these people again so make the most of your experience.’ As an insanely shy and quiet child, I tend to be a loner sometimes when I travel. However, at other times when I arrive in a place not knowing a single soul, I know that it would be far more fun if I met some locals or like-minded nomads. So I just put myself out there, leave it up to fate to see who crosses my path and capture those sometime ridiculous, random and awesome memories.

One such gent, named Justin Woods, created a video that does just that. On his travels around South East Asia, he had a constant companion – his bear hat. James, and his hat, visited many places and met many new people. He shared his infectious energy and love for life through his moonwalking dance moves and interactions with people he met along the way.

Have you seen this Moonwalking Bear in South East Asia? Just watch this video and you’ll see what I mean.

Man, this video just makes me want to travel somewhere new and go on a crazy adventure. I’m sure Justin had a few Thai buckets to inspire his video and it clearly did the job! But then I realised that I don’t need to go anywhere. Occasionally, but not often enough, I adopt this ‘just live your best life’ and have a crazy experience right here in Cape Town, my home city.

Let’s take last Friday night as an example, where I invited some friends over for drinks and a home-made Thai Bucket punch (Sang Som rum, Red Bull and Sprite/ Coke). My legendary brothers brought me back a bottle from their honeymoon last weekend. This ninja Thai concoction clearly sent me back to my nomad prime. I landed up at a Kareoke bar with two guy friends (the others faded), lost my driver’s license somewhere along the way and landed up dancing amongst Cape Town’s most fabulous at a gay club until 4am. Yes, my party karate nature even surprised myself. Luckily, I picked up my driver’s license at the karaoke bar last night. Whew! Relief!

You see, I think we need to adopt this ‘When in Rome’ attitude a bit more. We land up buried in work and all things serious in our adult lives but I say we need more fun in our lives. As my colleague JP says to the studio on a daily basis; ‘Just enjoy it out there’. 🙂

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