Muizenberg Musings

To end off my holiday break on Sunday, a few friends and I headed to Surfer’s Corner in Muizenberg for a surf followed by brunch at Knead. Yes, you all know I’ve done this outdoor activity many times but it never gets old. Surfing is so much fun, especially when you all try catch the same wave and hold hands. One day we will get it right guys. 😉

The water was so warm that we didn’t even need our wet suits and it didn’t take me long to drift off to a daydream of my ‘Eat, Play, Yoga’ Journey with Follow The Sun in Bali in approximately 6.5 months {Excitement levels are on another level}.

Muizenberg musings

Muizenberg musings

Scenic sea side

Scenic sea side

Clouds, ocean, rocks...a few of my favourite things

Clouds, ocean, rocks…a few of my favourite things

We all know that Muizenberg is a well-known playground for Great White sharks so when I surf and share the ocean with these beautifully fierce creatures, my ears are always pricked up in case of a shark alarm. When a rogue piece of kelp brushes against my leg I always glance below to be sure that it is indeed seaweed. I think I will continue to be alert as a few hours after our surf, a friend sent us this…

And a few hours later, this happened...

And a few hours later, this happened…

That’s not going to stop us though. As my friend Lou always says, “There are worse ways to die so I’ll take a chance in the sea”. Get out there, enjoy the fresh sea air, invigorating ocean and that epic high of catching an awesome wave.

One of my 2015 goals is to enjoy outdoor activities as much as possible and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As our Roxy’s Emporium hired surf boards’ design said, surfing and being outdoors is “The secret to perfect balance”. 🙂

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