Sundowners on the Rock, Cape Town, South Africa

Another one of Cape Town’s secrets that has taken me 28 years to get to is The Rock – a mere two minute drive from my Sea Point home. I’m not going to give you directions or the location as discovering it is part of the fun. 😉

My friends Alex, Rich, Jess and I packed a picnic, drove up the road and found a spot on a rock as we soaked up the last few sun rays and toasted one another with lemon and iced drinks.

A panoramic view from The Rock.

A panoramic view from The Rock.

A whale made a splash in the far distance; multiples sets of waves (exactly 16 seconds apart according to Alex) nudged their way onto the four Clifton beaches and beyond to Camps Bay as the sun slowly floated away leaving swirls of colourful clouds.

We admired the monstrosities being built on the highest road – one mansion where its extremely wealthy owner tried to recreate that house from the film, Iron Man, and then we took a guess to which palatial space is supposedly owned by Madonna.

That conversation didn’t last long though as we were transfixed on Cape Town’s natural beauty. We are so lucky to call the Mother City home!

What a view!

What a view!

Trusty Table Mountain.

Trusty Table Mountain.

A sunset swirl.

A sunset swirl.

City lights.

City lights.

As the G&Ts flowed, we briefly discussed our goals for 2015. Alex, Rich and Jess have some great ambitious goals which I can’t wait to see realised. I, however, have scheduled those thoughts for after my brother Mike’s wedding tomorrow evening. Excitement!!!

All I know is that this lovely quotation sums up my vibe as 2014 comes to a close. A lot has changed in my life over the last year – for the better in terms of career, family, friends and creating a home. I find myself merrily driving around Cape Town, confidently singing along to songs on the radio with a cheesy grin which was unlikely around this time a year ago.


What are your 2015 goals? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

May you all be well, happy and free!

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