Sexy yoga – yes, it’s a thing!

Sexy Yoga.
Sorry, what did you say?

Upon first hearing about sexy yoga, I was intrigued. Sexy Yoga is a workshop that the lovely yogi, Sharni Quinn, and taste-evangalist, James Kuiper from Sexy Food, created. Their shared passion for healthy living merged into a morning of yoga with Sharni followed by a delicious healthy lunch prepared by James at the Wellness Warehouse in Kloof Street, Cape Town. My Mom and I, who are going on a yoga holiday with Sharni to Bali in June 2015, joined Saturday’s Sexy Yoga workshop excited for some exercise, relaxation and delicious food.

Sexy Yoga invite

Sexy Yoga invite

Sharni welcomed us to the Sexy Yoga class and after some breathing exercises, we upped the pace with a series of sun salutations in time with an uplifting music playlist. Sharni selected tracks with a sunshine theme where every song included sunshine in the lyrics or melody. As promised, the yoga class and accompanying music was lively, light-hearted and left us feeling energized.

Sharni always goes the extra mile; which makes her yoga classes so special. While lying in Shavasana, Sharni came around and gently massaged our shoulders before anointing each of us with lemon grass essence. After everyone had picked and read a Louise Hay power card, we felt energized, inspired and relaxed – the perfect start to a weekend!

After the hour yoga class, we headed to the WellCafe where James from Sexy Food was waiting with a spread of decadent, healthy raw food dishes.

Founder of Sexy Food, James Kuiper, has been on quite a journey. At 17, he was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer. Luckily he conquered the cancer with rigorous chemotherapy; however, even though he was cancer-free, he still didn’t feel healthy and was constantly fatigued with indigestion problems. He started to listen to his body’s symptoms and grew interested in learning more about nutrition. For his whole story, click here. Over a decade later, James has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and skills, along with very green fingers and is known in Cape Town as an eco-preneur and taste evangelist.

As we sipped our glasses of detoxing indigenous bucchu water; James had the table of ladies (and one other gent) hanging on his every word. His passion and thirst for life is contagious and his words leave their mark. He sure knows how to preach sexy food!

“Health is only thing you own…. we ignore our body’s symptoms and go to the doctor for quick fixes but we actually need to listen to our bodies and do what feels right. We need to change our mind sets and start eating healthily.”

James has a growing concern of the kind of diet the average person consumes everyday and he’s right. So many of us pop into the nearest shop and buy a quick, easy meal without giving much thought into what we are feeding our bodies. We blindly ingest copious amounts of sugars, chemicals and toxins to counteract daily stress, tiredness and other bad habits. And we wonder why we are running out of fingers naming the people we know who are being diagnosed with deadly illnesses such as cancer.

“We are in a silent war. Toxins numb us and we’re all dropping like flies regardless of whether we’re rich or poor.”

James encourages everyone to trust their ability to grow and prepare their own food. A few extra minutes in the kitchen could add years to your life.

 “My food needs to be tasty, unscary and cool,” explains James. He is not trying to convert and promote raw food and healthy living to vegans, vegetarians and hippies. Instead, James aims to convince people from the world that he was raised in – a privileged, middle to upper class family where people are sometimes judgmental of raw food and label it as hippie food. Perhaps it’s time to rethink what we buy at the grocery store and what we mindlessly put into our mouths each day. There are so many extremist diets out there at the moment…banting this, fat-free that. It’s time to turn down the white noise, look within and listen to our bodies.

After months of constant stomach bugs, a friend recommended that I start taking a daily live probiotic to help my digestive system. I have been starting my day with this miracle capsule and have learnt that I can actually create my own probiotic that I can cook with. Thank you James for opening my eyes to sexy food – raw healthy, guilt-free food that energizes and invigorates my body.

After many hours sitting slumped in my office chair, snacking on processed food and drinking sugary coffee; it’s no wonder I’ve felt fatigued and unwell. I’m reinspired to live my best life, to do the things I love like yoga, swimming, gym and other outdoor activities  while eating healthy fresh foods that make me beam with sunshine inside and out.

Thank you Sharni and James for a wonderful Sexy Yoga workshop. And for those of you who are in Cape Town; I’ll spread the word when they host their next Sexy Yoga session.



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3 Responses to Sexy yoga – yes, it’s a thing!

  1. John Wilter says:

    Hi Kates

    What a lovely blog – well done! Very inspirational.



  2. Kim says:

    Hi Katie,

    Thank you so much for this post – please do let me know when the next one is! I’ll be there!

    Kim x

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