A morning memoir from Clifton 2nd Beach, Cape Town

A panoramic view of Clifton 2nd beach

A panoramic view of Clifton 2nd beach

Bring on beach hair, tanned skin, flip-flops and sandy toes.

It’s my favourite time of year – summer in Cape Town, South Africa, and it is so convenient living five minutes away from one of my favourite beaches, Clifton 2nd. After briefly meeting up with some friends on the beach yesterday late afternoon, I had to return to Clifton 2nd this morning.

As I digested my bubblegum for the brain – this month’s Cosmopolitan magazine; I absorbed some much needed sunshine and observed the various personalities surrounding me.

A herd of  young nippers (junior lifesavers) delivered me to a childhood memory of running through the sand and dragging an over-sized board. The coaches encourage the little ones to ‘keep on running’ and just smile when another little girl complains; ‘But my ankle is sore’.

Some UCT (University of Cape Town) students chatted about last nights’  activities while two young women went for a stroll before rejoining their crowd. Their conversation went along the lines of ‘I’ve put on 7kgs since Matric’. Yes love, it’s called alcohol. Welcome to the fun years of your twenties!

A British yachtie shares stories of his billionaire owner and all the glamorous Mediterranean destinations they visited last season. He paints an idyllic picture where yachting sounds like an absolute dream. It sounds like me a decade ago.

‘Grrrrrrrranadilla ice-cream… Ice cold water and Coca-Cola’ comes and goes as the ice-cream sellers drag their cooler boxes from 1st to 4th beach. Beach bats knock out a steady rhythm as tanned and inked couples entertain themselves. Three men walk on water as they glide past on their stand-up paddle boards while another dives into a wave to retrieve a rogue frisbee. Toddlers build sandcastles while adoring parents supervise them under broad sun hats; while the rest of us lounge on beach towels until sun-kissed. Beach bliss!

I glance at the aqua blue ocean and almost have to pinch myself. Cape Town’s beaches remind me of the gorgeous French Riviera; except that it’s on my front door step. #Summer2014 is here and I’m looking forward to visiting this slice of paradise each sunny weekend. Actually no, cue post-work sundowner picnics!!!

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