Have you considered Nicaragua for your honeymoon?

‘Where to go on honeymoon?’ is always a big part of the wedding planning process. Once the jam-packed wedding festivities have sadly come to an end, you’re ready to spend some quality time with your new ‘Mr’ or ‘Mrs’ at a remote, exotic destination. Whether your dream honeymoon is relaxing on a private white sandy beach or something slightly different such as exploring freshwater lakes, tropical forests and volcanoes; Nicaragua is a lesser known yet majestic honeymoon destination.

If you’re looking for a Nicaragua beach honeymoon…

Nicaragua has a variety of beaches to choose from, on the Caribbean or the South Pacific coasts of Nicaragua. Some beaches are well-known by surfers for their quality waves while others are more calm and tranquil.

If the ultimate remote beach is what you’re looking for then the Corn Islands, especially Little Corn Island, is a great honeymoon destination. The island is laid-back with a Jamaican Creole influence so you can enjoy reggae music while sampling traditional dishes such as coconut bread. Little Corn island is well-known for it’s turquoise water and white sandy beaches and is definitely worth a visit to experience the gorgeous reefs where you can snorkel, scuba dive in parts, while admiring the sea life. Fortunately Little Corn Island has not yet been commercialized for mass tourism so it still has an authentic island style. Although your tan may fade after returning home; your cherished memories from the perfect beach Nicaragua honeymoon escape will never fade away.

Little Corn Island

Little Corn Island’s gorgeous coast line
Pic credit: mycontinentalhopscotch.blogspot.com

If you’re looking for something different,
a Lake Nicaragua Honeymoon may be your perfect match…

The Granada Isletas are 450 volcanic islands unlike anything you have ever seen before. Newlyweds will return home with a full, content heart after experiencing the most unique and beautiful islands that are home to tropical wildlife, rain forests and ancient civilization. You can start your honeymoon in Central America’s oldest colonial city, Granada, before exploring the truly awe-inspiring Las Isletas.

Enjoy the peace and tranquility on a lake island archipelago of Las Isletas in the shadow of the Mombacho Volcano and the massive dual volcano island of Ometepe. Just picture waking up next to your new spouse, in total privacy as the lake breeze gently wakes you up.

Once you’ve eased into the day, there are a variety of activities such as swimming in Lake Nicaragua’s super clean and warm water, lake kayaking, lake-front mountain biking or hiking through tropical forests to see a volcano. A Lake Nicaragua honeymoon is outside the ordinary, it’s extraordinary.

These two Nicaragua honeymoon destinations are only some of the many options on offer. If you’re looking for a unique and remote getaway, Nicaragua should be at the top of your potential honeymoon destinations list. Once you’ve met Nicaragua, it’s people and culture, you will return home feeling humbled, relaxed and inspired all at the same time.

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