Spring has sprung and it’s time for my Kayla Itsine Week 4 update

It’s September and Spring has arrived in Cape Town, South Africa. The tall tree in front of our balcony is no longer grey and bare. It seems like the tree has sprouted fresh green leaves and berries overnight. The brightly coloured Spring flowers are blossoming and the past few days have felt like summer. It’s going to be 29 degrees today so it’s definitely a day for lots of water and a swimming workout this evo.

Spring is nature’s way of saying,
“Let’s party!” ~ Robin Williams

Life feels like it is accelerating with the change of seasons. Work is getting busier and more exciting while upcoming weekends are already jam-packed with 30th birthday celebrations, bachelorette parties and the summer wedding season is fast approaching.

With the beach calling, it’s an extra incentive to get healthy, in shape and ready to haul out the bikinis hiding at the back of my cupboard.

As promised, it’s time for an update – I’ve successfully completed the first four weeks of the  Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body programme. The first two weeks were a huge shock to my system but four weeks in, I have noticed the following changes:

  • I feel stronger, my muscles are getting firmer and there may even be the slight chance that some defined abs may appear by week 12. So long, Bentley belt!
  • My joints (ankles and knees) and lower back are taking slight strain due to previous running injuries but I plan to stick to the programme and to spend some extra time stretching.
  • As Keri from Midlandsmusings noticed during her transformation, my chest is much firmer and I feel like I’ve had a sneaky boob job. Seriously, after all the burpees, commandos and pushups, I feel like my bust is in its prime (over-share, I know).
  • I’m getting used to being stiff most days but am trying to incorporate weekly yoga classes to stretch my muscles and realign my body.
  • The low intensity cardio has not felt like it’s enough compared to my usual exercise regime so I’m happy to see that in the next few weeks, the programme increases the number of cardio workouts. I love my regular walks along the Sea Point promenade but am keen to start swimming again which will have a low impact on my joints and is perfect for this warm weather.

In terms of diet…

  • I have not eaten one Woolworths rusk in the past four weeks and feel better for it (pat on the back). Instead I have replaced my office snacks with kiwi fruit, low GI bars, flavoured teas (Vanilla Chai and Peppermint) and the occasional naughty treat. In the evenings, I have a new found fetish for Lindt dark mint chocolate that satisfies my sweet tooth after a healthy meal.
  • For the first two weeks, I successfully cut down my alcohol intake. However, weekend binges are a reality with work drinks, farewells, birthdays and fun nights out after a busy work week.
  • Life is all about moderation and I’m not Super Woman – life is full of non-stop activities  juggling my day job, other projects and favours, socialising with friends and family and not getting as much sleep as I’d like.
  • I have also surprised myself and have risen early to do a few early morning gym sessions. This hasn’t been ideal as I feel exhausted in the late afternoon and increasingly run down so I’ve realised that I need to be kind and listen to my body. I need to try and get some more sleep but ain’t nobody got time time for that. Sleep when you’re dead, right?

I’m entering week 5 and can see the potential for an insane body transformation over the next eight weeks. As the resistance and cardio workouts increase in intensity, my body will get stronger, more toned and ready for the Impi Challenge I’m participating with work colleagues in October. I just need to reign in my daily diet and cut down on my alcohol intake somewhat.

Many friends from all over the world have asked me about the Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body programme and I highly recommend it. You can do some workouts outdoors and even at home if you have some weights or make-do weights. You can even do it if you work on a yacht – make some space on the sundeck or in the engine room. It’s all about discipline and getting the week’s workouts done; which is tricky when your weeks are chock-a-block but it’s doable and you feel great afterwards.

9d10ff46c5ba4611471a4b896abb19a6Good luck with those of you who have recently started it. I’d love to hear how it’s working for you. 🙂

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