My interview with Adventure Talk

The guys from HT Holidays interviewed me as part of their Adventure Talk series and have asked me to join their travel blogger community. They have a variety of travel blog posts from writers worldwide, which is awesome!
[You can also click on their ‘Dare to Adventure’ badge (see the right hand column) to find out more about this exciting initiative.]

You can see the original version of my interview here but I thought I’d share it on my blog as well…

Adventure Talk: An interview with fellow traveler, Katie Wilter from Eyehearttravelblog

Another cool blogger in our Dare to Adventure Community is Katie Wilter. As a content producer who loves traveling, she creatively tells her stories to inspire people who share the same interests as her. We are glad to have Katie on-board. Welcome Katie!

1. What inspired you to start your travel blog?

Along my travels I would constantly daydream and come up with phrases, even paragraphs, about how I would describe that travel experience. After much procrastination, and then a gentle nudge from a friend at thetime, I decided to start my blog while traveling through New York City. The name ‘Eyehearttravel‘ just popped into my head one day and voila my blog was born.

2. The best part of bring a travel blogger is:

Expressing myself creatively, capturing my travel memories, practicing my writing, making connections with people across the globe, offering useful travel advice and seeing my blog positively impact my readers.

3. What’s your favorite travel destination so far and why?

That’s VERY difficult to answer. I would have to say a highlight was Nova Scotia, Canada, as I met the friendliest people in the world there. My other favorites are Cinque Terre, Italy (the most beautiful coast with five different fishing villages, each with their own Italian flair); the Inca Trail in Peru (one of the most incredible and humbling experiences in my life) and Koh Lanta in Thailand (my favorite island experience shared with some of my best friends).

4. What are your top things that you always take traveling?

Passport, iPod, camera, journal and a sense of adventure.

About Katie

Hi, I’m Katie Wilter!

I will always have itchy feet but have recently returned to Cape Town after three years of working aboard super yachts around the globe. My days are spent copywriting and content producing at Hellocomputer, a digital marketing agency, while rediscovering South Africa and planning my next trip. I love and embrace my travel bug as it is who I am. As such, I maintain my own travel blog

My love for travel will never grow old. Even though I am settling down in one place this year, I believe that it’s important to never settle and to always explore and maintain your spirit of discovery, in whatever you choose to do in life.


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