August ambitions – Kayla Itsine 12-week Bikini Body in the making

It’s August (can you believe it?!) and another month closer to spring and summer in South Africa. Although winter is still lurking, I feel like Cape Town’s inhabitants are emerging from their winter hibernation and are starting to slowly move off the couch and back to the gym.

tumblr_mqurj9Awvw1sd1xl5o1_500This has been my first winter in three years and I have been taking advantage of winter wonders like red wine, muesli rusks, chocolate, many cups of tea and coffee as well as second helpings and dessert. I think it’s because I’ve been in a hibernation, reflection period after making some big changes (land-based home, job and life). To stay warm, I dress really quickly in multiple layers so I haven’t really noticed the dire effect of winter indulgences on my figure. Gone are the days of feeling healthy and proud of bikini tan marks. Alas.

My oldest and dearest friend, Nicole, emailed me last week and asked me if I wanted to join her in starting Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body programme with her. I’ve seen the online hype and am very impressed with the results of Keri from Midlandsmusings after having religiously followed the programme. The success stories, and Nic’s gentle nudge, have inspired me to make some lifestyle changes.

Wish Nicole and I luck :)

Wish Nicole and I luck 🙂

It’s great that Nicole and I are doing it together so that we can motivate and update each other of our progress via Skype conversations in the office. Today’s comment: ‘I think my ass and thighs are getting more and more stiff as the day goes’.

No pain. No gain.

I completed the first day of resistance training yesterday after work and it was a quick, intense burst of exercise. By the end of the 28 minute session, my legs wobbled like jelly but maybe it’s just a reminder that this programme will make my mid-section a lot less wobbly.

It feels good to be proactively kick-starting my lifestyle but I know it is going to need some discipline and dedication, especially during those coffee and snack cravings.

The three dietary changes I plan to make include:

  • I need to bid farewell to my devilish friends – rusks, chocolate, baked goods, red wine and tequila. I’m heart broken but it’s time I ended things.
  • I have also decided to not drink alcohol during the work week (and to keep it more chilled on the weekends).
  • I need to drink more water.
Last night's healthy and colourful veggies.

Last night’s healthy and colourful veggies.

I already eat a generally healthy diet and am not looking to lose weight so have decided not to strictly follow Kayla’s eating plan and to just cut down on indulgences. I want to get more toned, feel stronger and feel vibrantly amazing.
I prefer stiff muscles and loose waist lines to muffin top situations. I also have a few weddings in the final months of the year so it’s an added motivation to look absolutely fabulous, darling!

I’m also looking forward to achieving some more focus in my life. I think the strict workout schedule will urge me to get my A into G in other areas of my life too. I’m on a mission to become a better version of myself in all spheres.

Let nothing stop you from being
the best version of you.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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