DEAR VELVET: The Sea Is Calling Me

You may have noticed, as I am settling back home in Cape Town, South Africa, that my blogs have become more about my travelling mind rather than venturing to distant, exciting destinations. My mind never stops ticking, as my friends can attest to. I recount last night’s strange dream or some obscure thoughts and ideas that I’m milling over. This is what fuels my love for the written word.

So, I thought this is a great opportunity to celebrate the written word and to host a guest post from Team Dear Velvet: a band of artists, writers & designers, seeking out fabulous style, luxurious stuff, creative people and beautiful views.

 As I keep coming across the quote below, I thought that I would run with an ocean theme, as it is a big part of my world.

The magnetic ocean

The magnetic ocean

I discovered this quote the other day and I love it! I am a water baby at heart and will always live close to the sea. The ocean’s magnetic energy always attracts me, even if it’s for a walk alongside the crashing waves, inhaling the salty air and refreshing my senses.

As such, here is Dear Velvet‘s blog post entitled ‘The Sea is Calling Me’. Enjoy the poetic expression of words, complimented by the stylish, tasteful photographs. If you enjoy this post and would like to experience more of the team’s creative expressions,
visit Dear Velvet.

The Sea Is Calling Me

The ocean croons its husky siren song at this time of year, and its pull is immense, especially for those of us prowling the humid cities on our daily round. The lucky ones get to see the swell and ebb of the tide and smell the ocean’s brine throughout the calendar.


Living near a beach at the Indian Ocean or Hawaii has top billing on my bucket list.. or it would if I weren’t obsessed with those secluded monasteries in films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, tiny white specks on the summit of an impassable, jagged mountain, only to be reached by climbing the Thousand Steps…

So as I rush to catch my train, the memory of summer days padding along foam-flecked sand is all the more bittersweet.

At water’s edge you’ll find me,

No chains can shackle me

No drop of blood can bind me

No human fetter me,

Down through the shallows

Past Neptune’s throne

To the shadow palace

That I call home

From “Shadow Palace”, By Dear Velvet

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