Winter office habits and a rejuvenating Express Bikram class at Hot Dog Yoga in Sea Point

I’ve realised lately, while adapting to working in an office environment again, that I’ve become a bit unhealthy. Delicious cappuccinos with two sugars, increased meal portions, sinking into my comfy office chair abandoning my lower back and abdominal muscles, and giving in to my winter weakness of devouring a packet of muesli rusks each week. It’s not exactly the picture of healthy living.

Over dinner conversation with a friend earlier this week, she shared her experience of cutting out sugar completely for three months (for health reasons). Wow! She explained the benefits of increased energy, a better mood, and feeling generally a lot healthier. This made me think about my general diet and how much sugar I consume. Sometimes you let these things slide, especially in winter. Needless to say I’m trying to cut out sugar in my tea and to become more aware of how much sugar I’m consuming in my daily diet. Let’s be honest, this sweet-toothed girl will not survive without sweetness in her life so it’s all about moderation.

After this realisation, I felt the craving for a good yoga class to detox, stretch my muscles and condition my spine. I popped down the road to an Express Bikram yoga class at a nearby studio called Hot Dog Yoga in Sea Point.

The hour heated Express Bikram class flew by and I was in my element holding poses with great focus and dripping with sweat. My hands kept slipping off my arms and legs as I was perspiring so much but it felt so invigorating. Our teacher was great as she explained the benefits of each pose and which organs we were cleansing. It was one of those classes where everyone was in the zone, breathing deeply which created such a strong, vibrant energy.

While staring up at the ceiling in a twisted pose with sweat dripping into my eyes, I had a little epiphany or gratitude moment. Katie, life is pretty damn good these days. When you’re aligned to your truth, doing what you love, laughing everyday, getting closer to achieving your goals, surrounded by people who reflect your journey…life is good.

I left the class feeling relaxed, healthy and happy and will definitely be trying another class this weekend. If you are a Cape Town resident, Hot Dog Yoga offer a free seven day trial where you can try different classes for a week. It’s a relaxed studio where you feel like you’ve escaped your busy city life for to a mini retreat.


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4 Responses to Winter office habits and a rejuvenating Express Bikram class at Hot Dog Yoga in Sea Point

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  2. John says:

    An interesting and well-written blog – I think!

  3. Tams says:

    Love this! Definitely going to give that Bikram yoga a try. One thing; is it suitable for beginners?

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