Sharni Quinn’s ‘Follow the Sun’ book launch

Last night, my Mom and I attended a very special book launch at the Wellness Warehouse on Kloof Street in Cape Town. Our yoga teacher Sharni Quinn launched her book entitled, ‘Follow the Sun’. Sharni is a Wellness Warehouse ambassador (You may have seen her on the walls of the Kloof Str store) and is also one of my favourite yoga teachers and life coaches.

My Mom, Jackie, attends Sharni’s yoga classes every week and has done so for the past few years. I have joined my Mom and attended the occasional yoga class and ‘Follow the Sun’ workshop while being home in between my travels. It is great to see all of Sharni’s hard work materialize into this fantastic book which follows her journey towards the sun.

After hitting rock bottom, Sharni decided to take nine months off to follow the sun and summer in India, Bali and Australia. Her book is a sort of a yogi ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ story based on Sharni’s experiences but she says that her book is not just about her story. She wrote the book to inspire others to follow their sun or true path. Her mantra and central theme is something that really resonates with me:

“Have faith and trust the process.”

It’s ironic as at the end of Sharni’s yoga class on Wednesday, she always asks each yogi to pick a Louise Hay motivational card. I chose a card that said, “Trust the process of life” which is very similar to Sharni’s mantra.

Everything in our lives has prepared us for this present moment so we all need to step confidently into our futures.

Sharni’s journey is exactly what I have been doing the last few years – following the sun across the globe. This journey has not ended even though I am adapting to my first Cape Town winter in three years. It has just continued onto a new path. I am looking forward to reading Sharni’s book as I know I will be inspired to continue following my sun. I am also feeling very inspired to write my own book about my travels and journey following my sun. It’s on my bucket list and I know I will get there one day.

The book launch was lovely with healthy snacks, smoothies, bubbly and local wines as seen below. Here are some photos that were posted on her Facebook page:

It is day 5 of my 7 day yoga challenge so it’s time to get hot and sweaty as I try a Power Yoga class in a heated room at Yoga Life.

I thought I’d include this fun cartoon that I found on Facebook.
Where’s Waldo?

Plot twist! (Seen on Facebook)

Plot twist! (Seen on Facebook)

Have a great weekend everyone.



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5 Responses to Sharni Quinn’s ‘Follow the Sun’ book launch

  1. Katie, Sharni sounds wonderful and her book sounds great! I am also itching to follow the sun at the moment! Love that you are doing the 7 day yoga challenge and Congrats on your new job!! x x x

    • katiewilter says:

      She is great. You would love her. Check out her website for info on her eBook. Yes it’s soooo good to be getting back into yoga… as you know. Thanks I’m very excited to start on Monday and so chugged that Hellocomputer won top digital agency in SA. Everything is falling into place. Have a great weekend Lulu! X

  2. sharniquinn says:

    Oh that is wonderful Katie. Thank you so much for writing the blog and sharing your thoughts & feelings. Keep following your sunshine (even when it is wet, rainy & wintery here in CT) and keep writing!
    I look forward to coming to your book launch one day

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