My 7 Day Yoga challenge at Yoga Life in Cape Town

Today I attended my first yoga class at Yoga Life on Waterkant Street in Cape Town. Conveniently, the popular studio offers Cape Town residents seven consecutive days of free introductory yoga classes. It is time for me to get back into regular yoga practice so I am challenging myself to attend a yoga class every day this week.

I attended a lunch time Flow Yoga class in the 28 degree (Celcius) studio. The well-spoken instructor guided the class through a variety of poses which included deep stretches, challenging balancing poses with the right amount of diversity and fun. It is actually one of the best yoga classes I have been to in a while.

The yoga studio will be a quick five minute drive from my new flat in Seapoint so I plan to dedicate the rest of this year to improving my yoga skills at Yoga Life. Hopefully one day soon I will be able to perfect the pose seen below. It’s all about mind power, focus and breathing properly.

After an hour of sweat-dripping, muscle-shaking yoga; I feel energized, detoxed from this last weekend’s indulgences at Misty Cliffs and relaxed. The endorphins have kicked in and are doing their thing and I know I will sleep well tonight.

If you’re in Cape Town and are keen to try a yoga class, then check out their schedule. They have classes throughout the day which is perfect for busy people like you and me.



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