5 Things I have learnt in Nicaragua

  1. Nica scorpion bites are not as bad as you think. While I was packing my bag this morning a sneaky scorpion was camping out in a pair of my leggings. As I picked them up, the nasty critter stung my wrist. It stings like hell but isn’t as deadly as I thought. If you get stung by a scorpion in Nicaragua, you will be fine. It’s ten times a bee sting.
  2. Nicaragua has earthquakes. This evening there was a 6.1-magnitude earthquake just north of Managua which was felt southwards where I am in Grenada. I was in the shower so didn’t feel the shudder but chatted to some fellow travelers who did feel it. Hopefully that’s the last of it.
  3. It’s safe for a woman to travel alone. I have felt completely safe traveling around Nicaragua. I am South African street smart and have been staying in nice hotels compared to the average backpacker but I have had no problems. Obviously I don’t walk around alone at night; I plan taxi pick-ups for late night airport trips and am aware of who is around me at all times. I have also learnt to ignore the Nica men who like to shout ‘Hola baby’.
  4. Toña and Victoria Frost beverages are a must. Wherever I travel, I sample the local beers. Nicaragua’s go-to light beer is Toña and tastes best when it is freezing cold. if you prefer ciders similar to Corona then try a Victoria Frost (It may sound like a cartoon character but it’s just a tasty refreshment).
  5. San Juan Del Sur has the most phenomenal sunsets I have ever seen. Orange, yellow, purple and pink skies transform the gorgeous Pacific coast of Nicaragua into a postcard perfect scene. The rock formations and surfer silhouettes make it that much more gorgeous.
A perfect San Juan Del Sur beach sunset

A perfect San Juan Del Sur beach sunset

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