Today’s Surfing lesson at Playa Maderas in Nicaragua

I’m currently ticking off another bullet point on my travel bucket list – a surf / yoga trip to Nicaragua. Yesterday’s yoga class with Aga at Maderas Village was great so today’s mission was to learn how to surf again.

After trying to arrange a lesson with Carlos, a local guy who came highly recommended, it was a situation of being lost in translation with his amigo who manned the office as he only spoke Spanish and I hardly speak any. So I decided to try another surfing rental spot at Playa Maderas.

Playa Maderas

Playa Maderas

I met my nuevo Nica amigo, Tino, who was conveniently available to give me a surfing lesson. We started with a short technical lesson on the sand where he taught me the five positions to stand up on a surf board. When he was satisfied with my sand performance we headed into the water. It was towards the end of low tide which meant that I learnt to stand up on the long board riding the ‘baby waves’ with Tino nudging me like my safety wheels. I got up after a few tries, wiped out many times but just laughed and enjoyed the experience.

I learnt that it’s best not to over think what you are doing and just go with the motion of the ocean. I stood up and surfed waves far more easily this way.

When the ocean turned to high tide, the current changed direction and the waves looked far more intimidating. Tino was a great teacher and gave me tips after each try such as, “Move your legs further apart”and “Don’t lean so back, keep your chest straight”.

Two hours later I emerged out of the sea with the taste of eating multiple boxes of salty popcorn. I bumped into Nikki and the Maderas Village people (not YMCA types, awesome Canadian friendly types) for a post-surf beer before heading back up the hill to Maderas Village.

I’m now sun-kissed and have that tired feeling after having enjoyed a fun day in the sea and sun. I’m looking forward to Sushi night at Maderas Village where dinners are served family style. There is talk of maybe going into town tonight but for now I’ll enjoy chilling out in a hammock in this gorgeous location.

Maderas sunset drinks in hammocks with great company

Maderas sunset drinks in hammocks with great company

Living and loving life.

Just another day in paradise.


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4 Responses to Today’s Surfing lesson at Playa Maderas in Nicaragua

  1. Lily says:

    I never really thought about Nicaragua as one of the places I would want to visit, but after reading your two posts I am convinced! It looks beautiful!

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