Why I love travel

My good friend and travel buddie, Louise, emailed this synopsis of our South America adventure a couple of years ago. It reminded me how special that trip was and how lucky I am to have the world at my feet. Life is short and there are so many places to see and explore. I’m itching to travel leisurely, explore and experience new places while forming the best memories of my life.



Louise captures the magical essence of our trip – three girl friends exploring South America:

Drink hot chocolate from that spot on the square made from real chocolate.

Dance the nights away with luminous paint covering our clothes and faces.

Get lost down the little cobbled streets.

Eat lemon meringue.Hablamos the Espanol.

Wake up whenever we want to.

Go to sleep whenever we want to.

Sleep on overnight buses.

Buy nibbles in the village markets.

Judge Bolivian woman (after infecting one of us with a parasite).

Swim in the sea before sunrise.

Order meals that we don’t understand and just see what we get.

Meet strangers everyday.

Miss flights. Change plans.

Read books all day.

Wifi coffee chats in La Paz coffee shops.

Buy llama everything (dresses to match).

Take photos of everything because everything is so new.


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