Ten-pin bowling with the girls at Revolutions in West Palm Beach, Florida

When last did you go ten-pin bowling? I hadn’t done it in years until I joined some yachting girl friends the other night at a new spot called Revolutions in City Place, West Palm Beach.

After a drink and catch up chat at the bar, we put on our stylish rented bowling shoes and got started. We ordered another round of drinks and $2 tacos while we finished tying our shoe laces.

My first try went smashingly well and I hit most of the pins down. However, this was very short lived as my performance dwindled. Mieke, Sam and Su were on fire! They kept knocking over the majority of bowls again and again.

After another one of my hopeless attempts, they shared a little secret with me. The magic blue ball. The magic blue ball had previously been the cause of two strikes so they suggested I give it a try. Thank goodness I did. The little blue guy helped me redeem some dignity by adding a few more point to my final score. I think I was just more focused on taking photos and savoring the experience for blogging purposes.
Yes I know, I can’t help myself.

Su, Mieke and Sam performed superbly and the competition got silently heated. We all thought Su was going to win. However, Mieke emerged victorious at the end of our game with Su and Sam following closely behind (We won’t mention my final score).
Good job ladies!

It was an evening filled with laughs and high-5s. We definitely plan to go again soon with a larger crowd. They have a $50 VIP section where your party can have a private alley surrounded by couches and great service.
Let’s just hope the magic blue ball is there to help me out.

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