Travel Tip Tuesday: my favourite travel mobile apps


Nomads who travel light sometimes carry a tablet or laptop but mostly rely on their mobile device for communication and internet access. I rely and use a number of mobile apps that make traveling that much easier especially in developed areas. Here is a list of the travel mobile apps that I regularly use:

Expedia is great for finding cheap deals for flights, rental cars and hotels worldwide. It’s usually my first port of call.

CheapOair is where I have found my cheapest flights. I actually booked my last set of flights home using this app. An added extra and nice touch is that CheapOair offers great travel tips while you wait for a results page to appear.

Kayak is another good mobile app when searching for the best flight, rental car and hotel deals. is great for finding last minute hotel deals. I’ve used them a number of times.

TripAdvisor is every traveler’s friend. It offers a broad range of information on destinations worldwide and you can also search for great flight, rental car and hotel deals. The best thing about TripAdvisor is their archive of recent, honest reviews from fellow nomads. It is very useful to check out recent reviews when you are about to book and pay a deposit on a hotel in a foreign country.

AroundMe is a great app to help you familiarize yourself with your current destination. You can search for any and everything you may need including banks, hospitals, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, theaters, movies, local guides and more.

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So download these apps to make travel logistics easy to sort out while on the road.


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