New travel blog features on Eyehearttravelblog

Hi there!

I have decided to get my act together and structure my blog posts.
From now on I will post a regular Tuesday and Thursday feature:


Travel Tip Tuesday will offer travel advice from my many years of travel experience. These could range from anything from how to survive yachting jobs to how you should effectively pack your bag. I hope that you will find these fun and informative. 🙂


Travel Throwback Thursday will lead you on a trip down memory lane to my past travel experiences. I plan to select only the gorgeous or hilarious photographs.

On other days, I will post blogs on my latest travel escapades.

Yours in adventure, fun and all things travel.


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2 Responses to New travel blog features on Eyehearttravelblog

  1. Hi! I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog, I’m about to move to Antibes and embark on (hopefully) a long and exciting career as a stewardess! It’s great to get a feel for what it can be like – thanks!

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