South Africa, my home, and a gem you should visit

I woke up this morning in my puffy white double bed and peered out my bedroom window. The sunshine was slowly dancing on the tree’s leaves and it was peacefully quiet.

Happiness is.

I have two more mornings left to wake up in a big bed surrounded by space and my pretty things before I return to work (and my tiny top bunk) on a yacht in Florida, USA.

I have loved being home for the past two gorgeous summer months. I have cherished reconnecting with family and friends, meeting new friends and places and have been reminded of South Africa’s wonderfully diverse culture and beauty.

It is the little moments that pull on my heart strings. Yesterday I went for an early morning walk along the Sea Point promenade and stopped to watch a pod of dolphins playfully ride the waves. I continued to walk past a local eldery man who chatted to people (strangers like me) passing by. It warmed my heart.

Home is where the heart is. Or I like to think it’s where your heart settles and feels it belongs. I have travelled for many years around the globe and I always land up back home in South Africa.

South Africa sadly has its downfalls when you consider politics, senseless violence, and mismanagement of public services and funds. However, it is our country and its future is up to us. Hope, pride and doing a little something each day will help improve our country and home.

If you haven’t been to South Africa yet then leave the ordinary behind, watch the below YouTube video and make a plan to visit. I promise you won’t regret it.

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