Some big questions to ask yourself when exiting 2013 and entering 2014

I always find the 31st December a strange day where cannot help but reflect on 2013 and plan for an even better upcoming year.

This time last year I didn’t really have a set plan for 2013 as I was going with the flow and had a number of options. I took a chance on another year abroad with a guy and a new yacht; learnt some valuable life lessons and have emerged stronger and more self-aware. I have grown up a lot in 2013 and, as such, my goals and lifestyle preferences have changed for the better. I only realized the extent of this when I was presented with some food for thought.

My good friend Alex gave me a card with some questions to pose to myself when plotting 2014 goals or resolutions. After many insomniac ‘stare-at-the-ceiling-while-lying-in-bed ‘ hours of reflection, I have come up with some answers for each question and continue to add to them.

Think of yourself first when answering these questions:

1.What do you want to be about?
What are you about?

2. What makes you succeed?

3. What does success look like?

4. What do you want to be doing in 2014?
What do you want to have achieved by the end of 2014?

The things I want to achieve in 2014 are slightly intimidating but I am rearing to go. I know when I put my mind to it and work hard I can and will achieve them.
The key ingredients for my success will be to maintain a positive attitude, believe in myself, stop over-analyzing, live in the now and love (everything and everyone) with an open kind heart.

I have a good feeling about 2014 and I hope you do too.

Happy New Year everyone!



Onwards and upwards in 2013 <a href="//"><img src= /></a>

Onwards and upwards in 2014

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