Class of 2003 – Westerford High School’s 10 year Reunion

If you’ve been following my blog over the past few months, you will know how excited I had been for my 10 Year High School Reunion. I flew into Cape Town the day before the big night so I managed to get some sleep before helping set up for the event at Westerford‘s Imhoff Sports club house.

It was such a lovely evening reconnecting and catching up with some friends who I hadn’t seen since high school and some closer friends who I hadn’t seen since my last short trip to Cape Town. We snacked on NikNaks and the famous Chicken Burgers just as we did ten years ago. I remember how we all used to hide those precious nibbles in our blazer pockets so that no-one would hijack a bite of favourite Thursday lunch takeaway.


A few years ago while studying Journalism and Media Studies at Rhodes University, I did a news reporting internship at the Cape Times under the supervision of the former editor, Tony Weaver. I remember having a conversation with him about where he was going to send his son to high school. It was a toss up between SACS and Westerford. I raved about my time at Westerford High School as I loved my five years there. Some of my closest friends are the ones that I met in Grade 8 in my dish cloth summer dress and oversized blazer. I must have convinced Weaver somewhat.

Six years on, Weaver’s son has recently matriculated from Westerford High School. Weaver wrote a column on 2 December 2013 reflecting on his son’s experience at Westerford High School. I read his Man Friday: Tony Weaver column reflecting on this year’s Valedictorians and he captures the special essence of Westerfordians so well.

“It’s a place that buzzes with energy, day and night. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve been there late in the evening to fetch one of the kids, and the halls are ringing with music from the orchestra, or rock from one of the bands, or with singing from the choir, the elevated voices of a play practice, or the sounds of the notorious Cabaret in rehearsal.

Perhaps the ethos of the school was best summed up by one of this year’s outgoing head prefects, I forget which one, who said at the matric valedictory that Westerford could best be summed up by two things: that they were just as proud of the great art and music being produced at the school as they were of the rugby team, and that nobody so much as batted an eyelid when several same sex couples attended the matric dance.

It’s no surprise that the school has produced some of Cape Town and South Africa’s leading progressive thinkers, academics, musicians, artists and actors.”

Man Friday column: Tony Weaver

Nil nisi optimum.

Nothing but the best.


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