Balancing my body and mind at Twin Yoga in West Palm, Florida

Yesterday my friend Anna invited me to go to a yoga class with her. There is a Livingsocial and Groupon special on at the moment where you can buy five classes at the Twin Yoga studio on Clematis Street for $35. I attended a few classes before this season and loved every class.

Twin Yoga is a Hot Power Yoga studio started by twin sisters. Whenever I climb the stairs to reach the studio I feel like I have entered a quiet sanctuary above and far away from the hustle and bustle of Clematis Street.

After signing in, I entered the hot room which is warm but still enables you to breathe easily. I have low blood pressure so cannot deal with Bikram yoga. If you’re like me then Twin Yoga is the perfect solution.

Before the class started I lay on my mat and read the inspirational quotes painted on the studio walls such as Breathe in LET, Exhale GO. I practiced deep breathing, tried to forget about work and worries of the day while locating my inner stillness.

What I love about Twin Yoga is that the classes flow at a good pace and the teachers use a holistic approach. You set your intention at the start of the class such as LOVE or STRENGTH and that is what you meditate and focus on as you work through different energy chakras in your body.

Ironically, the few difficulties I experienced trying to maintain my balance were the poses that are connected with emotions that I was exploring.

Last night’s class had a great united feel as the room of yogis moved in unison as we balanced our bodies, minds and energy chakras. At regular intervals we would go into Downward Dog pose and loudly exhale all our negative energy. The first few sounded like lion raws but by the end of the class, that negative energy had dissipated into the hot air.

At the end of the class as I lay on my back, my body was drenched in perspiration but it felt like I had cleansed and detoxed my body and mind. I had released the negativity stored up in my body and balanced out my chakras.

The teacher asked us to close our eyes and look within ourselves visualizing our inner light. At first mine was a thumbnail of swirling colours in a black empty sky. I mentally focused on my inner light and pulled it towards myself. It felt as I reconnected with my true self that I think some tears flowed down my cheeks along with the perspiration. I reached my miracle. One of the wall quotes reads,
“Don’t leave until your experience your miracle”. I achieved this small yet powerful victory with an hour and a half yoga class and am so grateful for it. I feel reawakened as my muscles and mind are in a much better place.

What a fabulous, much needed hot power yoga and therapy session! I look forward to the next four Twin Yoga classes as

before I fly back to South Africa in two weeks today 🙂

If you’re reading this and have never tried yoga; give it a shot. It will surprise and invigorate your stagnant muscles, mind and soul.


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4 Responses to Balancing my body and mind at Twin Yoga in West Palm, Florida

  1. Sounds Amazing Katie! So glad that you are loving Yogi Land too!
    My teacher exams are this weekend-I can’t wait to be qualified to teach my own Yoga classes!
    See you SOON in Cape Town! x x x

  2. indieBerries says:

    ah I LOVE this post! I have just started yoga too – as recommended by Lulu – and i LOVE it. Am busy doing bikram yoga – but am definitely keen to try the power yoga! Namaste, gurrrl!

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