Ladies Night Sushi at Kabuki in West Palm, Florida

After a very successful Wardrobe Swap two weeks ago, new friendships and fresh outfits emerged. As the awesome event (claim it!) came to a close; Su, chef aboard M/Y Laurel, suggested that we organize a Ladies Night out in West Palm.

Su and I kept bumping into each other around the Rybo M/Y Cafe and spoke about actually making the Ladies Night happen. Su flew home to New Zealand today so the last opportunity to do it was on Tuesday evening. The when was sorted os we moved on to the whereKabuki is a nearby Thai restaurant that offers ‘Happy Hour’ specials everyday from 5-7pm so it was the first place that popped into our minds.
Sushi, tapas and cocktails – just delish!

Su booked a table at Kabuki on Clematis Str for Tuesday evening and we sent out some Facebook messages to fellow ladies onboard yachts in Rybovich Superyacht Marina.

With the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show about to commence, many yachts have left Rybovich Marina. Despite this, we landed up with a group of nine lovely ladies from different yachts and backgrounds.

With the first round of cocktails and food orders placed, we toasted each other in honour of our Ladies Night. (We all agreed that we really need to do more of these in our lives). With each sip and mouthful, our chatter, laughs and smiles crescendoed .

Sushi, Spring rolls and other delish dishes at Kabuki restaurant

Sushi, Spring rolls and other delish dishes at Kabuki restaurant

Ladies enjoying great conversation, cuisine and cocktails at Kabuki restaurant

Ladies enjoying great conversation, cuisine and cocktails at Kabuki restaurant

Yachting is a great way to travel, save money and meet awesome people. It provides you an opportunity to realize your craziest dreams and makes cleaning toilets and cooking for fussy guests worth it in the long run. I spent a chunk of Ladies Night chatting to the gorgeous Condy sisters, Jess and Maryann, about where we want to be in a few years from here. Our conversation had such a great energy with our aspirations sparking new ideas and collaborations. All I can say is WATCH THIS SPACE.

There is a time when we need to grow up and out of yachting. A time to become an employer instead of an employee. Some days you mute your crazy business ideas as you think they’re unattainable or too far-fetched. However, all you need to do is chat to
like-minded, strong women who overflow with ambition, enthusiasm and the belief that they can conquer whatever they put their mind to.

Yes we’re that awesome! 😉

Thank you ladies for a fab evening! I had such a lovely evening and feel inspired and grateful for the conversations and ideas shared.

Until next time ladies.


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