Hilariously offended at Dick’s Last Resort in Baltimore, Maryland

With a day off in Baltimore, Maryland; Rich and I set out to explore Baltimore’s Waterfront. Rich had told me about a restaurant/ pub called Dick’s Last Resort. As the name suggests, Dick’s central theme is being hilariously offensive to its patrons.

Dick is that unkempt, beer-holding, greasy guy with stubble who has a plumber’s crack and acts like a ‘Dick’ in an offensive but humorous manner. Our waiter closely matched this description but in a nice tongue-in-cheek kind of way.

I had to have a photo with the big Dick outside

I had to have a photo with the big Dick outside

Our ‘Dick’ waiter seated us with some teasing remarks before he took our order. Later, he made us paper hats with customized comments. My hat read: ‘Pity date’ and Rich’s hat read: ‘My girlfriend thinks I’m straight’. We had a good laugh at our hats which directed my attention to other Dicks’ hats. There was a little girl who wore ‘World’s next Batgirl’, a man with ‘I’m a minute kind of man’ seated opposite his wife who had a hole torn out of her hat showing her “special” face.

The decor is bright and comical with autographed bras hanging off a moose head and along the bar.  The menu is also entertaining with the usual American foods along with some unusual dishes such as gator and frogs’ legs. My favourite description is the ‘Not-Yer-Mamma’s Cheesecake’. Dick and friends definitely had fun putting this franchise together.

As the snap-happy travel blogger I am, I asked our ‘Dick’ waiter to take a photo of us. Firstly, he took my camera and took a ‘selfie’ of himself. He then urged some of his colleagues to ‘photo-bomb’ our photo which he did. Unfortunately, the photo was of a really poor quality so it didn’t make the cut for this blog post.

Our 'Dick' waiter hijacking my camera

Our ‘Dick’ waiter hijacking my camera

So if you are looking for something fun to do in Baltimore, check out Dick’s Last Resort. You may be offended by some of the comments thrown your way. But you will laugh at yourself and others because of the comedic abuse that abounds (and astounds).

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