New York City’s oldest pub and biggest club

On Saturday night Tony, chef and New York local, took Rich and I out to experience two of his favourite New York City night life spots.

We caught a yellow cab to the East Village and made our way to New York City’s oldest pub, McSorleys Old Ale House. It first opened in 1854. Think Gangs of New York – this was their local watering hole. The walls tell stories of McSorleys’ history with photographs, news clippings and more.

Women were only allowed access in 1970 and an allocated Ladies room was opened in 1986. The first female bar tender was employed in 1994. How do I know all these interesting facts? From the bar tender, Gregory, of course.

And who was the first female bar tender? Her name is Teresa and she is married to Gregory who says he was her biggest tipper. Unfortunately we didn’t meet the Irish beauty whose named is tatoed on her hubby’s neck, Irish style. She was at home with their kids. Such a cute love story.

Within a minute of entering McSorley’s, Gregory had welcomed us and taken our order. Very impressive! Tony has frequented McSorleys for the past fifteen years so he ordered us ‘ten and ten’. They only offer two types of beer – light and dark ales. With two hands, Gregory arrived with the ‘ten and ten’ small beer mugs of ale. Delish!


McSorleys’ regulars enjoy drinking their ale using the ‘waterfall’ method as documented in my Instagram photos of Rich and Tony seen below. The balancing act transforms the ale into a waterfall that flows mostly into patrons’ mouths and tends to overflow onto the floor.


McSorleys Old Ale House is a must-do for all beer and history enthusiasts visiting New York City.

Next, purely for educational and blogging reasons, Tony took us to New York City’s biggest club, Webster Hall. This historic club has hosted the greats from Elvis to Bob Dylan. Now it is a night time playground for New York’s cosmopolitan population.

Four dance floors cater to all music tastes in an old music hall with the widest variety of people I have ever witnessed in a club. Different nationalities, ages, sexual orientations, and styles. Sjoe! We saw Batman, hardcore bikers, blonde Barbies, grunge hipsters, lumo energizer bunnies, hip-hop gangstas and karaoke champions. It reminded me of Camden in London for some reason.

We danced on every dance floor, met some unique characters and had such fun. Unfortunately we couldn’t dance until sunrise as we had work on Sunday and I needed to make sure I was able to serve breakfast.

We have a few crew birthdays this month so hopefully we will have a chance to celebrate at New York’s oldest pub and biggest club.

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4 Responses to New York City’s oldest pub and biggest club

  1. John says:

    A great blog – very interesting and inviting.

  2. Katie this looks like so much fun!
    Ah I want to be back in New York hanging out with you guys!
    Lulu x

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