Revisiting Central Park, dining at Le Bernardin and luck at the Book of Mormon

I’ve been lucky to spend quite a bit of time in New York City this year. There is so much to see and do that I’ve still only had a few bites out of the Big Apple.

Last weekend when we flew on a tiny plane from Nantucket to Newark to surprise Lulu, we did some some must-do touristy things that we had done before but also ticked off two new incredible NYC experiences.

Lu, Pete, Rich and I cycled around Central Park as I have done a few times before. This time , however, was the first time that I had cycled the entire circumference of the park in the morning. It’s so much better cycling early while the morning breeze and shade keep you cool and the morning light makes everything that much more beautiful.

The cycle also helped the four of us digest the totes-worth-it gourmet dinner we enjoyed the night before. Pete made a reservation for the four of us at Le Bernardin. The New York four star seafood restaurant is well deserving of its many awards. We enjoyed about eight courses with around eight waitrons serving our every need. It’s been a while since I have had the pleasure of fine dining so Le Bernardin tantalized my taste buds.

My favourite courses were the raw pounded tuna on a bed of foie gras sprinkled with finely chopped chives; an interlude of raspberry sorbet in four different textures and the popcorn dessert with caramalized popcorn and popcorn ice-cream. Heaven in my mouth! It was a pricy but a phenomenal experience. It was also such a treat to be on the receiving end of silver service for a change.

The following night, Lulu and Pete already had tickets booked for the Broadway Book of Mormon. Throughout the day, we popped in at the theatre to see if we could grab any tickets in the cancellations line. We even exchanged numbers with a Broadway hustler who said he would try find us a pair of tickets for the 8pm performance.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have any luck so we thought we would go to the theatre with Lulu and Pete to try our luck at getting last minute cheap tickets.

Rich and I stood in the cancellation queue for about ten minutes or so enviously watching people stream into the theatre. There was a party of three with two tickets standing behind us. I overheard them debate whether they should wait in the queue or go see the show another time.

Two minutes later the lady taps Rich on the shoulder and says:

“Would you like to buy two tickets for $100?”

We weren’t expecting to get tickets at all and had already decided on plan B for the evening – to go watch a movie.

“Yes please, that would be amazing! Thank you so much,” I said.

Rich and I rummaged through our wallets and gave her $75 and then Rich dashed to the nearest ATM to draw some more cash.

After I thanked the trio profusely, the gentleman came up to me and handed me a roll of notes. What?!

“It will make me feel better if you have them for free,” the man said.

“Happy Birthday,” shouts the lady.

In total shock with a jolt of excitement shooting through my body I resplendent, “No please take the money”.

The gentleman shakes his head and insists. What luck!

I ran to the back of the entrance queue while calling Rich to tell him the great news.

Fifth row in the centre. How’s that for complete luck? The show was hilarious with a brilliant cast and great music. It’s obvious why every performance is sold out.

What a great weekend! It was definitely one of my top weekends in New York City. I think I may have even said that to Rich on the bus heading to the airport.


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3 Responses to Revisiting Central Park, dining at Le Bernardin and luck at the Book of Mormon

  1. John says:

    Nice blog. I hope to do NYC one day.

  2. It was the BEST weekend!
    I want to do it all over again.
    I still can’t believe that you guys got those amazing tickets for free!!
    So much fun 🙂
    Lulu x x x

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