Westerford High School Class of 2003 10 year reunion

It has been ten years since high school. Sjoe but time flies. Even a decade later, I look back and cherish my time at Westerford High School in Cape Town, South Africa. I absolutely loved high school where I met some of my best friends who I am still close to today.

That’s why it’s so exciting to be helping organize the 2003 WHS Matric 10 year high school reunion. What I love about my 2003 class is that anything goes. There is no judgment on what you have achieved over the past decade. You don’t have to be like Romy and Michelle at their high school reunion. Although I do think that Nicole and Julia should dress up like Romy and Michelle for old times’ sake.


Our year has produced some amazing personalities including world famous models, DJs, doctors, Rhodes scholars, wives, husbands, parents, globetrotters and dreamers to name a few. We’re just a bunch of down-to-earth fun people and a this is the perfect opportunity for everyone to reconnect.

As such, I designed an invite (see below) so all Old Westerfordians (OWs) please spread the world. In this case, it is definitely the more, the merrier.

As our school motto says ‘Nil nisi optimum’ – it’s going to be nothing but the best!

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