August thoughts

It’s already August and, although the sun is still shining along USA’s east coast, there is a definite chill in the air. Autumn is almost ready to shake out her red and brown leafy hair while the winds of change awaken our senses.

Days and weeks pass by as I mark them off on my cabin calendar while the crew potter around their hamster wheels. Today I realised that a new blog post is due so here is a random snippet of life in August:

Cabin life continues – our tiny space that is the closest thing to home. My bunk is surrounded by postcards from Cape Town and other travel destinations, pretty shells I have collected along the way and artworks that I’m collecting for a future abode (one with rooms, space and a garden…on land). I also nurture a tiny succulent plant that lives in our bathroom. It adds a little bit of life to our cabin 😉


I have always wanted to live in New York City and we have been doing just that over the past few weeks. I adore Chelsea, as you have read in my past blogs. New York reminds me of London with it’s “big city lights that inspire you”; and each time I walk along its streets, ride the subway, sip on a Starbucks Moccha Frappaccino Light (grande size please) or lie under a tree in Central Park, I feel at home. I guess when you’re constantly on the move as a traveller, familiarity is quickly established when you remain in one place for more than a week. We are en route to Sag Harbor and then back to Nantucket for a week or so; but we will be back for New York Fashion Week.

In other news, I have completed the UCT Get Smarter Online Copywriting course which I loved! It was frustrating that I was unable to put more time and effort into each module due to extended work hours. Nonetheless, my brain loved the workout and continues to crave literature.

As such, I am currently reading a lovely book entitled ‘The Happiness Project’ by Gretchen Rubin. I’m only a few chapters in so watch this space for a book review. I’m also proof-reading my Dad’s book that is about to published. Very exciting!!!! (Watch this space).

Rich is relieved that the online course is over as he can now freely chatter away in our cabin without me shutting him up with, “Sssh I’m in the middle of a quiz”. My cherished Mac Book Pro is also now readily available to act as our cabin TV. We have just finished the Sherlock Holmes series and have a new batch of DVDs to watch.

The Happiness Project has reminded me not to take things for granted. As a seasoned USA east coast Yachtie, my excitement at seeing famous landmarks has faded. These days, my heart rate remains stable as we cruise past the Statue of Liberty. I nod and greet her, then continue with stewardess’ duties. I used to be like that with Table Mountain back home in Cape Town, South Africa. Now, I cannot wait to see the majestic table covered with her table cloth. Soon.


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